TransTRACK® and PPLI Collaboration, Start Using Logistics Service Integrator for Member Logistic Sector SMEs!

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PPLI dan TransTRACK kerjasama bidang logistik

Bekasi (09/10/2023) – In an event entitled “Synergy and Collaboration of the Indonesian Logistics SME Network” to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of PPLI, the Perkumpulan Pelaku Logistik Indonesia (PPLI) and TransTRACK have collaborated regarding the use of management system software fleet, namely, Logistic Service Integrator. According to the agreement, all members of the PPLI community will use the LSI application for use in their logistic sector operations.
TransTRACK itself is a B2B based company that positions itself as a Tech-Enabler Platform that specializes in the fields of transportation and logistics. One of the products is Logistic Service Integrator (LSI), which is an end to end logistics solution for shippers, carriers and 3PL companies, used in the PPLI community.
Not just the signing of the collaboration, this event was also commemorated with a seminar explaining how UKM collaboration lives up to its title. Against this background, it is also explained how TransTRACK can provide solutions to every logistics problem for each member, such as overload, late deliveries, bad delivery routes, and irregular delivery scheduling.
LSI itself can be used by various logistics users. Starting from the Product Owner, Aggregator/Third Party Logistics, to Fleet Owner/Vendor. The LSI system was developed to help and make it easier for a business to carry out logistic sector operations.
Companies can create delivery orders, plan travel routes, receive orders, and assign drivers through Logistic Service Integrator from TransTRACK. Every party, starting from the goods owner, delivery service or fleet owner/vendor will be able to process bills directly through the Logistic Service Integrator TransTRACK system.
The features offered on LSI are also very varied. The company will get recommendations for the best vehicle according to cargo capacity so that it is not over or under loaded. There is also real-time tracking for smooth operations, a route optimizer that can help companies determine the fastest delivery routes and minimize delays, automatic summary reports, experienced and verified vendors, and E-POD for digital proof of delivery.
The advantages of TransTRACK can be seen from the level of user productivity which has increased by 40% and reduced overtime, fuel costs, mileage and idle time by 30%. However, users have previously lost as much as 20-40% of revenue, profitability and productivity due to problems in fleet operations.
Not only Logistic Service Integrator, TransTRACK also has other solutions, namely Fleet Operation Optimizer which consists of a Fleet Management System as remote control of the fleet, drivers and cargo, then there is a Transportation Management System which is used to track delivery transactions, as well as a Truck Appointment System to reduce queue trucks and speed up the loading and unloading process.


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