ASPERINDO RAKERNAS, TransTRACK® Provide Fleet Telematics Solutions for Their Members!

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Jakarta (17/08/2023) – The Association of Indonesian Express Delivery, Postal and Logistics Services Companies (ASPERINDO) held a National Working Meeting or RAKERNAS 2023 at the Mercure Batavia Hotel Jakarta, with the theme “Digitalization and Collaboration for the Resilience of the National Postal Industry”. By carrying this theme, it is hoped that this RAKERNAS can be a strong motivation for ASPERINDO to evaluate the work program that has been previously formulated.

Against this background, TransTRACK is here to introduce Fleet Telematics Solution and Supply Chain Integrator to members to be able to further digitize each fleet in express, postal and logistics delivery service companies.

Not only digitalizing, TransTRACK can also improve the performance of every business by reducing losses and increasing company productivity. As many as 30% of companies have experienced reductions in overtime, fuel costs, travel time and idle time. And 40% of companies have experienced increases in productivity, profits and fleet safety.

For the solutions provided by TransTRACK, there is a Fleet Management System to control the fleet, drivers and cargo remotely, a Transportation Management System which is used to track delivery transactions, and a Truck Appointment System which is used to reduce truck queues and speed up the process of loading and unloading goods. Meanwhile, the supply chain integration solution is Logistic Service Integrator as an end to end logistics solution for shippers, carriers and 3PL companies.

The mainstay feature provided by TransTRACK to increase profits and productivity in logistics and shipping companies, the most important of which is GPS Tracker. This GPS Tracker will carry out real-time tracking which can be accessed via the TransTRACK platform.

Apart from that, other features include 2 Way Communication, Speed Buzzer, Speed Limiter, Immobilizer, Fuel Sensor, Vehicle Camera, Driver Fatigue, and many other features.

TransTRACK also has accident compensation that will be given to the company, amounting to 5 million per person per incident for those who experience minor injuries, and 50 million per person per incident for those who experience permanent disability and death.

With this product, reliable features and compensation, TransTRACK is the best solution company for Fleet Telematics that can be used by every company in ASPERINDO, which is also in line with the theme of the RAKERNAS discussion this time.


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