Truck Body, What are the Best Types of Truck Body in Indonesia?

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Truck Body

A truck body is a storage area for truck vehicles built on the frame/chassis of a truck. Nowadays, some truck dealers allow truck owners to build their own car bodies, so that many variations can be seen on the road and also certainly facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. The vehicles that are built have various types. What are the types of truck bodies?

There are various types of truck body, including pickup, wingbox, box, container and many more. Some truck dealers such as Hino, Mitsubishi, Scania, and even Mercedes usually have prepared car bodies for their trucks, but some transporter entrepreneurs are not satisfied and often buy trucks with only the head without the car body.

In such a way, the truck itself can usually be shaped into the use that the company wants, therefore today there are also many truck body companies to make the car body desired by several transporters. The most common and favorite is the type of wingbox truck that is usually formed from a Hino FL23JW truck, or Mitsubishi fuso fighter. Not only medium duty trucks, but wingbox trucks themselves also have a type of heavy equipment transportation, namely wingbox tronton trucks.

Types of Trucks

It’s not uncommon to see an ankle truck on the road. However, for the general public, all of these types of trucks are considered to be the same type. Most may only know the types of pick-up, fuso, and tronton trucks, which are usually differentiated based on the size of the truck. However, there are various types of trucks that can be differentiated based on load capacity and wheelbase. Here’s the full explanation.

Based on the wheel axis

The wheel axis is the place where the wheels are attached to the truck. Unlike ordinary cars that only have two wheel axes, trucks can have many wheel axes according to the cargo they carry. Here are some types of trucks based on wheels:

Crank Trucks

This type of truck is further divided into two types, namely crank trucks and double crank trucks. Crank trucks have 4 wheels with two wheel axes.  In one wheel axis, there are only two wheels each, both for the front and rear. While the double crank truck has a total of 6 wheels with 2 wheel axes, the rear wheel axis has 4 wheels.

Trintin Truck

This type of truck may still be unfamiliar to us. The shape is similar to a tronton truck, but the size of the wheels is less at 8 pieces. It has 3 wheel axes, 2 in front with each axis having 2 wheels, and 1 rear axis with 4 wheels.

Tronton Truck

This large truck has three wheel axes with a division of 1 wheel axis at the front which has 2 wheels, and 2 wheel axes at the rear which each has 4 wheels.

Trinton Truck

This type of truck has a total of 12 wheels with four wheel axes. Two axes are in the section with two wheels each, and two rear axes with a total of 4 wheels each.

Based on load capacity

Truck load capacity is calculated based on the volume of goods to be transported divided by 1,000,000 (is the standard calculation for containers), the official unit is also called CBM. The calculation example is as follows:

For example, if 1 cabinet measures 100cm (P) x 75 cm (L) x 200cm (T), then the calculation is (100 x 75 x 200): 1,000,000 = 1.5 CBM.

Pick Up Truck

This is a truck with the smallest capacity of 1 CBM and a maximum load capacity of 1 ton.

Colt Diesel Engkel Truck (CDE)

Or commonly called an ankle truck has a cubic capacity of 6 CBM and a maximum load of 2 tons.

Colt Diesel Double (CDD) Truck

Has a maximum load capacity of 4 tons, and a volume load of 12 CBM.

Fuso Truck

The volume capacity is 25 CBM with a maximum load capacity of 7 tons.

Tronton Truck

This large truck has a volume or cubic capacity of 30 CBM and can carry a maximum of 10 tons.

Trailer Truck

This truck is designed as a cargo for shipping vehicles and heavy equipment, hence the large capacity of up to 66 CBM with a maximum carrying capacity of 20 to 60 tons.

Best Truck Body Shop in Indonesia

As the mainstay of commercial vehicles for entrepreneurs to distribute goods to various destinations, trucks have a variety of car bodies according to usage needs. For example, a truck for delivering instant noodles is different from a truck for delivering bottled water. Similarly, a truck for transporting palm oil is obviously different from a truck for carrying fertilizer or cement. So here are some kinds of truck body shop.      

Cab Chassis

Generally, trucks delivered from the assembly plant to dealerships are in the “plain” condition of a cab chassis consisting of a cabin (driver and passenger) and an empty chassis frame. After the sale and purchase process, the cab chassis truck is then delivered to the body shop factory to have the tailgate made according to the customer’s needs.

Wooden Body

In Indonesia, trucks with wooden bodies are one of the consumers’ favorites for delivering various goods to various locations. The goods transported vary greatly from crops, livestock, wood, furniture, stones, to sand. The wooden body is characterized as a one-way body because there is only one door for access to loading and unloading goods from the rear. Generally, wooden bins have four sides that are equivalent to or slightly exceed the truck cabin.  

Iron Tub

Similar in shape to a wooden tub, the iron tub offers the advantage of a three-way door (left-right side and back) to facilitate access to loading and unloading goods. The iron tub is an option for transporting machinery, components or other goods weighing above 500 kilograms because the loading and unloading process is impossible to do manually with human labor.

Flat Deck/Flat Bed/Tub Post

This type of body has no cover on all sides (left-right side, top and rear). On top of the truck chassis there is only a hollow box made of sheet metal plates with a certain thickness. Because it is fully open, aka without a “house”, the loading and unloading process of goods on flat deck/flat bed/los bak trucks becomes easier and more practical with a crane or forklift. Another advantage of flat deck/flat bed/los bak trucks is the ability to transport heavy and long goods such as rice, paper, machinery, rolled steel plates, pipes, fertilizers, cement.

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