IMI Chairman Bamsoet Appreciates the Signing of IMI’s Memorandum of Understanding with TransTRACK®

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JAKARTA – Chairman of the MPR RI as well as Deputy Chairman of the Golkar Party and Chairman of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) Bambang Soesatyo together with Chief Executive Office Anggia Meisesari signed a memorandum of understanding between IMI and PT Indo Trans Teknologi (TransTRACK) a company engaged in providing fleet telematics. The scope of cooperation includes developing and implementing a technology-based transportation management system.

“As well as marketing the use of technology to reduce costs and increase revenue in the transportation industry in Indonesia. One of the manifestations will be in the implementation of research on the procurement of research components such as GPS modules and data servers,” said Bamsoet after signing a memorandum of understanding between IMI and TransTRACK, at the IMI Central office, GBK Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (3/5/24).

Present were IMI Central management, among others, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Jeffrey JP, Deputy Chairman of Organization M. Riyanto, Deputy Chairman of IT and Digital Tengku Irvan Bahran, Deputy Vice Chairman of Inter-Agency Relations Erwin, Director of Organization and Institution Nasrul Fuad, Director of Law Umbu Rudy Kabunang, and Communications and Media Dwi Nugroho.

The 20th Speaker of the House of Representatives and former Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission III on Law, Human Rights and Security explained that TransTRACK has the advantage of being able to provide various technological innovations for various operational management needs of transportation fleets. As well as being able to integrate the entire fleet with one platform. So as to be able to track all transportation and logistics operations more easily.

“Through their various technological innovations, TransTRACK is able to track, analyze, and improve transportation operations by providing real solutions for transportation management and vehicle safety issues,” Bamsoet explained.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Depinas SOKSI and Head of the KADIN Indonesia Polhukam Agency explained that TransTRACK’s technological innovations can be used by 1000+ types of GPS trackers found in the global market. It allows users to monitor and manage data from various types of GPS tracking devices without the need to switch to another platform.

“Using technology from TransTRACK, transportation companies and racing clubs can monitor their fleet operations with real-time tracking, minimize fuel usage, and analyze various vehicle problems. All in one TransTRACK system,” concluded Bamsoet. (*)


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