13 Must-have Car Accessories for Comfortable Driving

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When we are on the road, comfort and safety are the two main things we want to ensure. When it comes to adventures on the road, the right car accessories can make a huge difference in our experience. From the comfort needed to enjoy the ride to the safety features that provide peace of mind, good gear can make every trip more enjoyable.

In this  TransTRACK article, we take a look at the must-have car accessories to make your journey more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. From charging equipment to advanced safety features, let’s explore the various options that can enhance your driving experience.

10 Must-have car accessories for a comfortable ride

The must-have car accessories for a comfortable journey include a wide array of equipment and devices that help ensure comfort, safety, and organization during travel. Here are some of the essential accessories:

USB Charger

USB chargers are essential for charging your electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets, or GPS while on a long trip. With a USB charger, you don’t have to worry about running out of power when using electronic devices in the car.

Phone holder

A phone holder is an accessory specifically designed to safely place your phone in the car. By using a phone holder, you can access GPS maps, music, or other applications more conveniently and without having to disturb your driving focus.

Neck pillow

Neck pillows provide additional support and comfort when driving on long trips, helping to prevent fatigue and neck strain.

Car seat protectors

Car seat covers protect the seats from dirt, spills or damage during travel, maintaining the value and aesthetics of your car’s interior.

Cooler storage compartment

Cooling storage compartments, such as cooler boxes or cooler bags, help keep drinks and food cool and fresh during travel, providing added convenience especially when traveling in hot weather.

Android head unit with GPS

An android head unit is an entertainment device that is equipped with a GPS feature. Besides being able to be used to listen to music or watch videos, this head unit also facilitates navigation during the trip by using the integrated GPS feature.

Anti-slip dash mat

Anti-slip dash mats help keep small items such as cell phones, keys or coins stable and from sliding around on the dashboard while driving. This reduces distractions and potential accidents due to these items falling inside the car.

Trash can

A dustbin is a container specifically designed for disposing of garbage in the car. With a trash can, you can maintain cleanliness in the car and prevent garbage from scattering in the cabin.

Air purifier

An air purifier is a device used to clean the air inside the car from dust, germs, and unpleasant odors. With clean and fresh air, your trip will be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Additional storage compartment (Organizer)

An additional storage compartment or organizer allows you to store and organize important items such as documents, maps, or emergency supplies neatly in the car. This makes the car interior look neater and more organized.

Dashboard protector

Dashboard protectors are useful for protecting the car dashboard from direct sunlight which can cause damage and premature aging of the dashboard material. By using a dashboard protector, you can extend the life of your car dashboard.

Cup holder

Cup holders are a place to place your drinks so that they don’t spill or get in the way while driving. With a cup holder, you can stay focused on the journey without having to worry about your drink spilling in the car.


A dashcam is a camera installed on the dashboard of a car to record video during travel. Dashcams are useful as evidence in the case of accidents or other incidents, and can improve driving safety by recording activities around the car.

By having this accessory, your journey will become more convenient, safe, and organized, allowing you to enjoy your driving experience better.

By integrating a Dashcam from TransTRACK in your journey, you not only ensure safety and security, but also get reliable evidence in emergency situations. With its advanced features, such as high-quality video footage and automatic collision sensors, TransTRACK Dashcam provides invaluable peace of mind as you explore new roads.

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