Knowing the Importance of a Car Dashcam to Improve Driving Safety

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The growth of technology in this modern era has brought major changes to many aspects of daily life, including driving safety. One innovation that is gaining popularity is the use of car dashcams. A dashcam or car camera is an electronic device installed in a car for the purpose of recording the journey.

In this article, we will discuss in more depth what a car dashcam is, its benefits, types, and tips on choosing the right dashcam. Come on, check out the information with  TransTRACK!

Overview of Car Dashcam

A car dashboard camera or commonly called a dashcam is a video recording device installed on a vehicle to record the surrounding events during a trip. Car dashboard cameras not only record conditions in front of the vehicle, but can also record the area behind and around the car, depending on the type.

Usually, car dashboard cameras are installed behind the windshield, rear windshield or behind the center mirror. The dashcam will record all events in front of the car onto a data storage memory card. That way, your car trip can now be recorded entirely thanks to the sophistication of dashcam technology.

Types of Car Dashcam

In general, car dashboard cameras are divided into several types. The following is an explanation of the types of car dashcams based on the position of the camera and its features:

Based on Camera Position

Front Camera

Front camera is the most commonly used type of car dashboard camera. This dashcam is usually installed on the windshield of the car facing the road to record the scene in front of the car. In addition, sometimes voice recording of conversations in the car can also be recorded by the front camera.

Rear Camera

The rear camera is installed at the back of the car. Generally, it is near the rear license plate so as not to obstruct visibility when driving. This car dashboard camera is able to record objects or people passing behind the car with an angle that is difficult to capture by standard mirrors.

Interior Camera

Interior cameras are installed towards the driver and passenger seats. It is used to record the driver’s interaction with passengers as well as events in the car cabin. Interior cameras are very suitable for public transportation such as buses or online taxis to maintain safety during operation.

Based on Features

Standard Dashcam

The Standard Dashcam is only equipped with basic features such as full HD recording quality, night vision, and motion sensors. This simple standard car dashboard camera without many advanced features is suitable for beginners who just want to use a dashcam.

Dashcam with GPS

In addition to the camera, this car dashboard camera is equipped with a GPS location tracking feature. Trip recording will be accompanied by location coordinate data and vehicle speed. This will make it easier to track the car’s position during an incident.

Dashcam with Wifi

A wifi-equipped dashcam makes it easy to transfer data to a smartphone or laptop. This allows users to live stream and control recording via smart devices. Users can also access and download car dashboard camera videos via wifi.

Benefits of Car Dashcam

Some of the benefits that can be obtained by installing a car dashboard camera on a vehicle include:

Provides Video Evidence of Accidents

The main benefit of a car dashboard camera is that it provides video footage of an accident. This video is very important as evidence to determine the party responsible for the accident. It can even prove that you were not at fault even if you were hit from behind.

Supervise Car Maintenance & Repair

Sometimes when we do car maintenance at a repair shop, there are people who commit fraud. An example is fraud by dishonest repair shops, such as installing cheap fake parts but at a high cost. A car dashboard camera installed in your car can record everything they do to your car.

Monitoring Conditions in the Car

Dashcams with interior cameras allow car owners to monitor all activities inside their vehicle even when they are not driving. Car dashboard cameras can prevent theft of valuables or vandalism by unruly passengers. This is perfect for those of you who work as public transportation drivers.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Some insurance companies provide premium discounts for cars with dashboard cameras. Because the risk of fraudulent claims can be minimized with accurate recording evidence from the crime scene. In addition, providing recording evidence to insurance companies can make the claim process faster.

Tips for Choosing the Right Car Dashcam

Some things to consider when choosing a car dashboard camera include:

  • The quality of the footage produced. Choose at least 1920x1080p resolution for clear images.
  • A wide lens angle of view of at least 120 degrees to capture more street details.
  • Sufficient data storage capacity. Aim for at least 32GB so that you can record your trip for a long time.
  • Durability and strong casing material to withstand vibration in the car.
  • Ease of use and navigation of the car dashboard camera menu.

By having a good understanding of car dashcams, you can make the right decision in choosing a device that suits your needs. A dashcam can give you greater control over the safety and integrity of your vehicle.

A car dashcam not only improves driving safety, but also creates a valuable visual record of every adventure on the road.

To maximize driving safety, you can adopt  Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology from  TransTRACK. By utilizing sensors and cameras installed on the vehicle, ADAS can detect potential hazards, such as accidents or collisions, and provide warnings or even take automatic actions to avoid the dangerous situation.

In addition, ADAS can also assist in maintaining a safe distance, monitor traffic conditions around the vehicle, and provide warnings when the driver begins to experience fatigue or negligence. With the application of ADAS technology, drivers can experience significant improvements in safety and can optimize the driving experience.

That’s all this article about understanding car dashcams. Hopefully it can provide useful insights for the safety and comfort of your daily driving.


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