Learn 8 Tips and How to Electric Car Maintenance and Their Costs!

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In the age of sustainability and technology, electric cars are becoming an increasingly popular choice for environmentally conscious individuals looking for an efficient alternative to driving. While electric cars have significant advantages in terms of carbon emissions and energy efficiency, proper maintenance remains crucial to maximize the vehicle’s performance and lifespan. In this article TransTRACK, we will explore practical steps in how to maintain an electric car to keep it operating optimally. From battery management to electrical system maintenance, let’s discover how to ensure uninterrupted mobility from these eco-friendly vehicles.

How to Electric Car Maintenance?

An electric car maintenance requires special attention, especially to the battery and electronic systems. Here are some tips on electric car maintenance:

Maintain Battery Capacity

  • Avoiding using the battery until it is completely discharged helps prevent potential damage to the battery cells. We recommend charging when the battery capacity reaches about 20-30%.
  • Do not leave the battery too full as it may increase the battery temperature, which may damage the battery cells and accelerate degradation.

Regulating Incoming Voltage

  • Ensure that the power source used to charge the electric car matches the specifications recommended by the manufacturer. Inappropriate voltage may damage the car’s charging system.

Lower the Maximum Charging Limit

  • Some electric cars have a feature to set the maximum charge limit. This is beneficial for reducing the stress on the battery, which can increase battery life.

Pay Attention to the Parking Lot

  • Parking an electric car in a place that is too hot can increase the battery temperature, while parking in a place that is too cold can reduce battery performance. Try to choose a parking lot that is thermally comfortable.

Determine the Ideal Time to Charge the Battery

  • Charging time can affect the battery temperature. Charging the battery at night or at lower temperatures can help prevent overheating during charging.

Avoid High Speed Driving

  • Driving at high speeds increases energy consumption, reduces mileage per charge, and can accelerate battery power usage.

Avoid Impact on the Battery

  • Electric car batteries are usually protected by special structures, however, it is still important to avoid excessive impact that could damage the physical integrity of the battery.

Keep it charged even when not in use

  • Do not leave an electric car in a discharged battery state for a long period of time. This can cause a voltage drop and damage the battery. Instead, keep it charged at the level recommended by the manufacturer.

Remember that these guidelines are general in nature, and maintenance recommendations may vary depending on the model and make of the electric car. Always check the manual and maintenance information provided by your vehicle manufacturer.

Electric Car Maintenance Costs

Due to various factors, maintenance costs for electric vehicles are generally said to be low. For starters, electric vehicles do not require engine oil, which can cost more than one million rupiah per 10,000 kilometers in traditional vehicles.

In this situation, since electric cars do not require engine oil, owners will save money on this item.

The AC filter, which keeps the air and temperature cool in the cabin, is another component that may be a cost concern in terms of maintenance. Of course, the AC filter is only replaced if the AC is no longer cooling and has been for a long time.

The battery cooler is another component that needs to be replaced. In one of Hyundai’s electric vehicles, for example, replacing the battery cooler every 60,000 kilometers seems like a long time.

Free Service

Maintenance expenditure will be significantly reduced as electric cars are usually offered with free service for several years. Again, if we take Hyundai as an example, there are items with at least 5 years or 75,000 kilometers of free service warranty.

Beyond this free service, the maintenance cost is said to be no more than Rp 3,000,000 for that period of time. Of course, many people are skeptical. However, with a suitable car, you can save a lot on maintenance costs.

Common factors that must be replaced regularly include brake linings, car air conditioning parts, electrical system maintenance, and other automotive operations. Even so, the price will be cheaper than a regular car.

One of the difficulties of electric car maintenance costs is the scarcity of service facilities in Indonesia. As we all know, the number of electric cars in Indonesia is still relatively small compared to conventional cars. This will have a direct impact on the cost of services provided.

With mobility becoming increasingly dependent on technology, maintaining the health and performance of electric cars is a must. TransTRACK Vehicle Maintenance System is the leading solution to make it easier for electric car owners to plan and execute their vehicle maintenance. With advanced battery monitoring, automated maintenance plans, and accurate historical records, TransTRACK gives you complete control over the health of your electric car.

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