Get to Know the Function of Water Repellent and the Difference with Waterproof!

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Water Repellent

Are you tired of thick fog and puddles that interfere with visibility while driving? Do you want to keep your windshield clean and free of water and dirt stains? If yes, then water repellent technology is the right solution for you.

Water repellent is a protective coating that can be applied to your windshield to make it water resistant. With the ability to repel water from the glass surface, this protective coating helps maintain clear visibility even during heavy rain or bad weather.

In this article, we will explore the benefits and importance of using this protective coating on your auto glass. We will also be introducing TransTRACK, a leading vehicle maintenance system that can help you optimize the use of this protective coating and keep your windshield clean and clear.

What is water repellent in cars?

Water repellent is a protective coating that is applied to the surface of a car to make it resistant to water. This is a technology commonly used in car windshields and side mirrors to help keep a clear view of the driver and passengers during inclement weather conditions or rain.

This protective layer usually consists of a special chemical that forms a hydrophobic protection on the surface of the glass. When water falls on a surface covered with water repellent, the water forms small droplets and flows quickly. These water droplets will assist in dislodging water from the surface of the glass and reducing the amount of water adhering to the glass, thereby minimizing the visual obstruction caused by water or splashing while driving.

It is important to note that the protective coating on these cars has a limited durability and may fade over time due to exposure to environmental elements and friction. Therefore, it is often necessary to update or repeat the water repellent application to maintain its effectiveness.

Water repellent function on car glass

Water repellent on car glass has several important functions that can increase comfort and safety when driving. Here are some of the functions of this protective layer on car glass:

Protects the windshield from rainwater

Water repellent forms a hydrophobic layer on the surface of the glass, which causes water to form small, fast-flowing droplets. This helps keep the glass dry and reduces the risk of standing water blocking the driver’s view. In addition, when water flows quickly from the glass, there is less chance of streaks or water spots on the glass.

Protects the windshield from all kinds of sticky dirt

The glass surface that is coated with water repellent has non-stick properties against dust, insect droppings, lubricant residue, and other water stains. This dirt tends not to stick firmly to the glass and is easy to clean. As a result, the glass stays clean longer and minimizes the need for regular glass cleaning.

Protects glass from UV radiation

Some of these protective layers have protective properties from ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays can cause changes to auto glass, including aging, discoloration and loss of clarity. By having this protective layer that protects against UV rays, the glass has added protection against damage from sun exposure.

Reducing the use of wipers

With this protective layer that makes water flow smoothly from the glass, the need to use high-frequency wipers when it rains is reduced. This reduces the friction the wipers have on the glass, which can cause scratches and damage to the glass surface over time. In addition, using fewer wipers also reduces the risk of scratches on the glass due to sand or dirt that can get trapped under the wiper blades.

Increase driving comfort and safety

Good visibility is an important factor in driving comfort and safety. This protective coating makes it easier for water and splashes to slide off the glass, minimizing visual disturbances caused by rain, fog, dew or condensation. This helps the driver stay focused on the road and increases situational awareness while driving.

Improves visibility while driving

Water repellent helps reduce the effects of blur, fog, dew or condensation which usually occurs on car glass when the weather is wet or the temperature changes. With water droplets rapidly flowing off the glass, the driver’s visibility is significantly enhanced, allowing the driver to see the road and surrounding vehicles clearly.

Thus, the protective film on the windshield plays an important role in maintaining the cleanliness, clarity and visibility of the windshield, which in turn enhances comfort, safety and the overall driving experience.

The difference between water repellent and waterproof

Water repellent and waterproof are two terms that relate to the ability of a material or coating to retain or repel water, but they have important differences:

Water Repellent

Water repellent refers to the property of a material or coating that makes it neither absorb water nor allow water to drain off surfaces quickly. When water falls on this protective material or coating, it forms small droplets and flows more efficiently. This helps protect the surface from standing water and allows water to slide off the surface easily. Water repellents are often applied to materials such as cloth, glass, or leather to provide protection against water and maintain dryness and resistance to water spots.


Waterproof refers to the property of a material or coating that is completely resistant to water penetration. Materials that are waterproof will not absorb water or let it soak into it. This makes the material completely impervious to water and maintains dryness under the wetter conditions. Waterproof products are often used in applications that require a high level of protection against water, such as outdoor gear, rainwear, hiking boots or diving equipment.

In other words, this protective layer focuses more on the ability to repel water and prevent water from adhering to the surface, while waterproof has a more extensive ability to keep the material dry and prevent water penetration.

In keeping your car in prime condition, using the Vehicle Maintenance System technology can be an effective step. TransTRACK, as a leading provider of Vehicle Maintenance System, can provide sophisticated and integrated solutions to monitor and manage your vehicle maintenance.

In the context of this protective coating, TransTRACK can assist you in tracking and managing the water repellent application schedule on your windshield. With the advanced maintenance management feature, you can set reminders for regular water repellent coating updates, so you don’t have to worry about when to do it.

In addition, TransTRACK also provides a complete reporting system, which allows you to monitor the effectiveness of the water repellent coating and see changes in the visibility and water protection of your windshield. With accurate and detailed monitoring, you can ensure that the water repellent is working properly and keeping the windshield clean and clear in various weather conditions.

By combining effective water repellent technology with the TransTRACK Vehicle Maintenance System, you can increase your driving comfort and safety, while extending the life and beauty of your windshield. Don’t let bad weather interfere with your driving experience, apply water repellent immediately with the help of TransTRACK and enjoy clear views on every trip.


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