Rising Tariffs at Port, TransTRACK® and APTRINDO Absorb Complaints and Provide Solutions

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Rising Tariffs at Ports, TransTRACK and APTRINDO Absorb Complaints and Provide Solutions

Surabaya (01/08/2023) – Rising tariffs at the port have become a complaint for truck and logistics business owners. Because the port is one of the places where loading and unloading processes occur in the world of logistics. For this reason, as an association in the field of freight transportation, APTRINDO together with TransTRACK which is a Fleet Optimizer platform, held a Gala Dinner which took place at the Holyday Inn Express Surabaya Centerpoint to accommodate all complaints from entrepreneurs and provide solutions regarding these problems.

The solution offered is to educate oneself about traffic order, especially if an accident occurs. In addition, this Gala Dinner also provides understanding to fleet owners not to apply the Over Dimension Over Loading (ODOL) system when transporting goods so that damage or unwanted things do not occur.

Apart from this education, APTRINDO received many complaints from members in all regions regarding the increase in tariffs at the port. With this complaint, the Chairman of APTRINDO, Drs. Gemilang Tarigan, responded that he and the chairman of the DPD and DPC also rejected the increase in administrative tariffs at the port which was almost 5%.

This increase will also have an impact on the price of the supply of basic commodities for the needs of the community. Therefore, price stability for logistics distribution that enters the port is also important.

“The magnitude of this increase makes transport entrepreneurs feel that the burden is too great when carrying out logistics delivery,” said Drs. Gemilang Tarigan accompanied by the head of the Surabaya DPC, Wayan Sumadita.

For this reason, through this Gala Dinner, TransTRACK also provides solutions to minimize costs incurred in the logistics process itself. Fleet Operation Optimizer and Supply Chain Integrator are the main solutions offered by TransTRACK.

Fleet Operation Optimizer itself consists of a Fleet Management System as remote control of the fleet, drivers and cargo, then there is a Transportation Management System that is used to track shipping transactions, as well as a Truck Appointment System to reduce truck queues and speed up the loading and unloading process. Meanwhile, another solution is the Supply Chain Integrator as an end-to-end logistics solution for shippers, carriers, and 3PL companies.

By using these two solutions, transportation and fleet business owners can increase their performance and productivity by 40%, and minimize by 30% the cost of fuel, mileage, overtime and idle time.

In addition to managing fleet management on land, TransTRACK also provides system services for air to sea vehicles. Hybrid GPS Tracker which has hybrid operation, that is, it can be connected to the Cellular or Iridium Satellite Network. Making it suitable for rural areas & direct tracking of a ship if it is on the high seas.

What’s more, TransTRACK provides accident compensation for those who use tools and products from TransTRACK itself. Rp 50 million will be given per person for those who experience permanent disability or death. And Rp 5 million per person for those who were injured when the accident occurred. Which compensation is given per incident.