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Karoseri is a company that builds car bodies or other vehicles according to your needs on top of a chassis or basic car frame. Generally, carrosserie makes large vehicle bodies such as trucks, buses, mini vans, and pick-ups. Other components, such as chassis and engines, are imported from automotive manufacturers. Apart from making buses and trucks, carrosserie also produces ambulance vehicles.

There are actually quite a lot of Indonesian carrosseries and some of them are actually known abroad. Because the quality is very good, the appearance is attractive and ordered according to the wishes of consumers.

The high demand for carrosserie is followed by its uniqueness, namely:

  • Customizable, the carrosserie can be produced according to the customer’s order. So, you can request different designs and functions. For example, a fire engine carrosserie for populated areas, urban areas and more.
  • Custom-made, these carrosseries are tailor-made according to the orders and specifications of the customers. So, between one carrosserie with another must have differences so that it is more unique.
  • Customizable, carrosserie orders can be tailored to your needs. So, the end result will certainly make you satisfied.
  • There are many choices, for domestic carrosserie companies, there are quite a lot of them, making it easier for you to choose. However, choose the best and well-known ones because their carrosserie production has been recognized internationally.
  • In the past, carrosserie used wooden frames covered with thin iron plates. However, today’s carriages are more resilient as they use carbon fiber, aluminum and other lightweight yet sturdy materials.

Best Karoseri Industry in Indonesia

Karoseri is a place for making car, bus and truck bodies and their interiors, on top of chassis and engines produced by other factories. It turns out that in Indonesia itself there are several carrosserie whose work has penetrated the world market. Check out the following article TransTRACK to find out!

Here is a list of 5 Karoseri companies in Indonesia that are known for their expertise in producing buses:

1. Adi Putro Karoseri

Adi Putro is one of the originators of the commitment to product standardization. Executive class buses are the most widely made buses by this carrosserie factory that employs 600 people. JetBus HD is one of the flagship products of this Malang-based body shop.

The company, which carries the jargon “Always Leading”, strives to provide the best for bus entrepreneurs and users. Long before Toyota Original Body (TOB) appeared, Adi Putro was also successful with its minibus carrosserie products with models of kijang, carry, and others.

2. Laksana Body Shop

Laksana is the body shop with the most number of product types among others. In making models, they always adapt them to the most recent transportation models, as well as adding to the quality of the products.

Some of its products are quite favored by the public. Such as its most luxurious bus line-up, All New Legacy Sky (large bus) or All New Tourista (medium version). With the quality of its products maintained, it is not surprising that in 2018, Laksana received a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Directorate General of Land Transportation as the best carrosserie company in Java and D.I.Y.

3. Karoseri Tentrem

The history of Karoseri Tentrem began with a PO Tentrem which was established in 1986 in Malang City, East Java. Then the business developed into a workshop, at first the workshop was only for internal maintenance of the PO Tentrem bus fleet.

However, in 1998 Tentrem grew bigger and became a body shop that not only serves repair, body maintenance, PO Tentrem bus manufacturing and also for the public.

This Tentrem body shop also received an official certificate from Mercedez Benz regarding the standardization of body builders above Mercedez Benz. Tentrem body shop is the only body shop that first built a bus body on a SCANIA K380IB chassis.

4. Karoseri Delima Jaya

Located at Jl. KH Soleh Iskandar no.5 in Bogor, Delima Jaya Group is one of the most experienced car body manufacturers. The company has been providing timely and affordable products and services for more than 40 years.

In its official statement, Delima Jaya said that in the production process, it is assisted by a number of certified expert mechanics and technicians. It is not surprising that Delima Jaya claims that it can realize all the needs of its consumers, in making a vehicle both private cars and buses that can be specially ordered.

5. New Armada

PT Mekar Armada Jaya was first established as a home workshop in 1974 and has now grown as one of the largest car body companies in Southeast Asia.

Supported by a production area of around 33 hectares and more than 2,400 employees, New Armada continues to strive to provide vehicles that are comfortable, quality and in accordance with the needs of its customers.

It is not surprising that the company then won the trust of several government agencies to provide public transportation, especially buses to serve the community. One of the transportation companies that has trusted New Armada in making buses is TransJakarta.

Karoseri Price

Buses made by Karoseri Adiputro are indeed a body that is quite popular with various bus operators in Indonesia. One model that is often used is the Jetbus 3+ SHD. Unlike the usual Jetbus such as Jetbus HDD and MHD, the SHD body is taller, to be precise around 3.8 meters. Therefore, it looks more dashing due to its high dimensions. The Jetbus SHD body can also be used on non-premium to tronton chassis. But, the requirements that must be followed to use this bus body are a more stable suspension system due to its high body to reduce roll symptoms.

Then how much does it cost if you want to make a bus with a Jetbus SHD body? Please note, before making a bus, the customer must first buy the chassis. Then, when you get the chassis, you can take it to the body shop to make the bus body.

SHD starts with a price of Rp 550 million. Meanwhile, the 1836 or K360 chassis costs Rp 572 million and the tronton chassis Rp 610 million. These prices are set for the bare body price, and do not include air conditioning and benches.

Not to mention that if the operator wants additional features in the cabin, such as installing a toilet or smoking area partition, the cost will increase. As for air conditioning, the price is in the range of Rp 100 million. As for the benches, the price per unit starts at Rp 2.7 million for the standard ones. If it has AVOD, massage features, or automatic reclining, the price can be up to tens of millions of rupiah. So if the body alone plus air conditioning and benches, it can be priced from Rp 700 million to Rp 800 million. Then add the bus chassis whose price is already above Rp 1 billion to Rp 2 billion for the tronton.

The final price determinant of a new bus is the price of the chassis. The more expensive the chassis used, the more expensive the total cost of making the bus.

Karoseri is a great help for fleet creators in handling the desired design. Now, if you are a fleet entrepreneur or a company that manages a lot of fleets, you can use the  Fleet Management System from TransTRACK in order to organize and optimize the use of fleets that are more organized and easy to track.


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