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Reefer Truck

Reefer truck, short for refrigerated trucks, are the front guard in maintaining the quality of products that require controlled temperatures during transportation. From fresh farm produce to critical vaccines, reefer trucks play a vital role in keeping these goods in tip-top condition. In this TransTRACK article, we’ll dive into the world of reefer trucks, detailing the advanced technology used, the benefits to the industry, and how this impacts every aspect of our lives, from food consumption to health care provision.

What is a reefer truck?

Reefer trucks are trucks specifically designed to transport goods that require controlled temperatures or refrigeration during transportation. The word “reefer” actually comes from the word “refrigerated,” which means the truck is equipped with a cooling or temperature control system to maintain appropriate temperature conditions for goods that must be kept cold or frozen.

Reefer trucks are essential in the food industry, pharmaceuticals and other sectors where goods such as frozen food, fresh meat, dairy products, pharmaceutical products and so on must be transported in the right temperature to keep them fresh and safe for consumption. The cooling system in a reefer truck can regulate the temperature from below freezing point to above room temperature depending on the needs of the goods being transported.

Reefer trucks are usually equipped with good thermal insulation and efficient cooling systems. They are also equipped with temperature monitoring and strict controls to ensure the temperature is maintained throughout the journey. This ensures that items that are easily damaged by temperature changes remain in good condition during transportation.

Benefits of reefer trucks

Here are some of the benefits of reefer trucks. We will discuss these benefits below:

Maintaining Goods Quality

Reefer trucks enable the transportation of goods that require controlled temperature or refrigeration, such as fresh food products, meat, fish and pharmaceutical products. This helps ensure that the quality and freshness of goods is maintained during transit, reducing the risk of spoilage or damage.

Long Distance Delivery

Reefer trucks enable the delivery of goods that require controlled temperatures to remote locations, even across countries or continents. This allows businesses to reach a wider market.

Regulatory Compliance

Reefer trucks help businesses comply with applicable food and pharmaceutical regulations and safety standards. This can prevent legal issues and negative reputation that may arise from regulatory violations.

Waste Reduction

By maintaining proper temperatures during shipping, reefer trucks help reduce waste of damaged or rotting goods. This can save costs and also help reduce food waste.

Year-Round Delivery

Reefer trucks enable delivery of fresh goods year-round, including winter, where extreme temperatures may be an issue. This allows for year-round product availability.

Food Safety

Reefer trucks help maintain food safety by maintaining safe temperatures for food products. This reduces the risk of contamination and food poisoning.

Increased Export Market

With the ability to deliver temperature-controlled goods to international markets, reefer trucks can help businesses expand their export market share and sell fresh products overseas.

Reefer trucks are a valuable asset in the supply chain for businesses that transport goods that require strict temperature control. This allows these products to remain high quality and safe throughout their journey from manufacturer to end consumer.

Reefer Truck Components

The following is a brief explanation of these components:

Cooling Unit (Refrigeration Unit)

The refrigeration unit is the core part of the reefer truck. It is the machine that is responsible for cooling the interior space of the truck and maintaining the desired temperature for the goods being transported. This unit usually uses a special refrigerant for the cooling process.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is a component that functions to change the refrigerant from liquid to vapor, absorbing heat from inside the reefer cargo space. This allows the temperature in the cargo hold to remain low.


The compressor is part of the refrigeration cycle whose job is to compress the refrigerant back into liquid form after the refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator coil. This increases the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant, allowing it to release heat drawn from inside the truck.


The condenser is the component responsible for releasing the heat captured from inside the truck to the external environment. This helps cool the refrigerant and converts it into a liquid form ready to repeat the cooling process.

Temperature Control (Temperature Control)

A temperature control system is a device that allows a driver or operator to regulate and monitor the temperature in a reefer truck according to needs. This allows precise temperature setting and precise monitoring during shipping.

These components work together to maintain a proper and constant temperature within the reefer truck, which is critical in maintaining the quality and freshness of the goods being transported. Errors or damage to any of these components can cause problems in the cooling process and threaten the successful delivery of products that require controlled temperatures.

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Thus, you can maximize the benefits of this advanced technology in your supply chain and achieve success in your business.