Know the Rear Number Plate Code, How to Read It, Types, and Functions!

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The rear number plate code is part of the vehicle registration number which is usually located on the back of the vehicle, such as on a motor vehicle number plate. This rear license plate code is a combination of letters and numbers used by authorities and traffic officers to uniquely identify a vehicle. Its function is to facilitate vehicle tracking and reporting as well as enforce traffic regulations and laws related to motorized vehicles.

Each country or region has different rules and formats for rear license plate codes. This format often contains information such as state, province, or territory codes, as well as a unique registration number assigned to the vehicle by a transportation authority or authorized agency.

An example of a commonly used rear license plate code is the state code in the United States, which often consists of a combination of letters and numbers unique to each state. This number plate code helps identify the origin of the vehicle.

In addition, rear license plate codes are also used for various administrative and legal purposes, such as vehicle tax collection, vehicle registration, and identification of vehicles involved in traffic violations or other crimes. Therefore, rear number plate codes have an important role in the management and regulation of motorized vehicles in an area. To find out more, see the following TransTRACK article!

How to Read Number Plates?

How to read vehicle number plates varies depending on the number plate format used in a country or region. Each country may have a different number plate system, and these formats are used for vehicle identification and registration purposes. However, in general, here are the commonly used ways to read number plates:

Initial Letter

The initial letters on a license plate usually identify the region or state where the vehicle is registered. This is a code assigned by the local transport authority. In some countries or regions, initial letters may identify a particular city or district.


The numbers on a license plate are usually a unique number assigned to the vehicle by the registration authority. This is a unique vehicle registration number and can be used to identify individual vehicles.

First Letter After the Police Number

The first letters that appear after the numbers on a license plate can have additional meaning. In some systems, these letters may describe a particular vehicle type or registration type. For example, these letters can indicate whether the vehicle is a private car, commercial vehicle, or other type of registration.

Second Letter After the Police Number

If a license plate uses two letters after the license plate number, these second letters are often random and are used to differentiate between vehicles that have the same registration number.

It is important to remember that vehicle license plate formats can vary greatly from one country or region to another. Therefore, reading a license plate correctly may require a special understanding of the license plate system in force in your locality.

It is also important to always comply with the laws and regulations regarding vehicle number plates in your area, such as maintaining number plates that are easy to read and not run over. This is important for security and effective traffic monitoring.

Intelligence License Plate Code

Intelligence number plate codes or secret number plates are motor vehicle number plates that have special characteristics or certain codes used for vehicles used by security, intelligence or government agencies. Vehicles with intelligence license plates are often used for official, security, or intelligence purposes, and often do not follow the regular license plate format used by civilian vehicles.

Intelligence license plate codes are often secret or not published openly. They may consist of a unique combination of letters and numbers, or may simply consist of a specific code that only the authorities recognize.

The main purpose of an intelligence number plate is to maintain the identity and whereabouts of the vehicle in situations that require certain confidentiality or security. They are used by organizations such as the police, intelligence agencies, military, or other government agencies that have a need to protect the identity or security of their members.

It is important to note that intelligence license plates may differ from one country to another, and they may be governed by the laws and regulations applicable in each country. The use of intelligence number plates is normally only permitted for vehicles used in official and security duties.

Due to the secret nature and special purpose of intelligence license plates, information about these license plates is usually not available to the public and is closely guarded to maintain security and confidentiality.

Types and Functions of Police Number Codes in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the police number code system on motor vehicle plates follows a series of rules and standards set by the Department of Transportation and the Police of the Republic of Indonesia. License plate codes are used to identify the type of vehicle and its owner, as well as for administrative and security purposes. The following are several types of police number codes used in Indonesia and their functions:

President and Central Government Officials

  • Police Number Code: 1
  • Function: The police number code with the number “1” is used by official vehicles used by the President of the Republic of Indonesia and high-ranking central government officials. These vehicles have the highest privileges and security.

Defense Boss

  • Police Number Code: 2
  • Function: The police number code with the number “2” is used by official vehicles used by high-ranking officials in the defense sector, such as the Minister of Defense or high-ranking officials of the TNI (Indonesian National Army).

Diplomatic and Consular Corps

  • Police Number Code: CD (Diplomatic Corps) and KC (Consular)
  • Function: Vehicles used by members of the foreign diplomatic or consular corps in Indonesia will have a special police number code starting with the letters “CD” or “KC.” This code indicates diplomatic status and confers certain privileges, including diplomatic immunity.

Apart from the three types of police number codes above, there are many other codes used in Indonesia to identify the type of vehicle or the area where the vehicle is registered. For example, the license plate code for an ordinary private vehicle is a regular number that corresponds to the registration area.

It is important to note that the rules and standards regarding police number codes may change from time to time, and these regulations may vary by province or city in Indonesia. Therefore, further information about the police number codes that are in effect at a particular time can be found in the traffic and motor vehicle regulations that apply in that area.

The number plate code on a vehicle is more than just a combination of numbers and letters. They are identities that reveal more information than you can imagine. In this article, we have explained several types of police number codes used in Indonesia and their functions, from presidential vehicle plates to diplomatic and consular codes.

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