CDD Truck more Widely Used in Indonesia? Here’s the Explanation!

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CDD Truck

CDD Truck, more widely in Indonesia? Why? Adequate transportation to improve the smoothness of the distribution process is, of course, in the shape of vehicles with a large and strong carrying capacity, as well as engines that are reliable and long-lasting.

Considering that the goods distribution area is very wide from one region to another, it is not surprising that the demand for trucks is increasing from time to time. This has been reinforced by the opening of new roads and new toll roads in the recent period.

Trucks also have various variations, including differences in type, type, tonnage, payload volume, and wheels/tyres. One of the variations that will be discussed here is the Colt Diesel Ankel (CDE) truck, which is often referred to as an axle truck, and a CDD truck or, also known as a double axle truck. Get deeper in this TransTRACK article!

What is a CDD truck?

CDD trucks are designed almost exactly like CDE type box trucks. However, the dimensions of the CDD type box trucks are larger. This truck is capable of carrying loads of up to 4 tons. In the truck industry, CDD type box trucks are included in the small truck category. The main difference from the previous type is the double ankle and carrying capacity. An axle truck has 4 wheels, while a double axle truck has 6 wheels.

There are 6 wheels meant, consisting of 2 wheels at the front and 4 wheels at the rear, with 2 wheels on each side. This number of wheels has a significant impact on daily use. Trucks with 6 wheels are generally used in heavier road conditions or more difficult terrain than normal roads. However, even though it is often used in more challenging situations, that doesn’t mean the Colt Diesel Double with 6 wheels can’t be used on flat roads; the truck is also suitable for use on safe passages.

The advantage of CDD trucks compared to CDE types is that they have more payload capacity because CDD trucks themselves can be modified into long CDD trucks. Do you know? 1 cold diesel turns out to be able to carry up to 30 cubic meters of logistics!

CDD Truck Payload Capacity

This truck is generally equipped with a large payload capacity specification, capable of carrying loads from 2 to 3.5 tons with a volume of around 14 cubic.

CDD Car Type

CDD trucks in Indonesia are divided into two main groups, namely Colt Diesel Engkel (CDE) and Colt Diesel Double (CDD). These two types of trucks are included in the small truck category when compared to the Fuso. The main difference between the two lies in the number of wheels used. CDE has 4 wheels and is suitable for narrow areas such as alleys, while CDD has more wheels and a larger capacity than CDE.

Below are the types of CDD trucks that you should know about.

CDD Box Truck

This truck has a length of around 670 cm with a truck weight of up to 2.5 tons. A box truck is a type that has a box-shaped rear structure, which is made of aluminum or iron. The dimensions of the box on this truck are usually around 4 m x 2 m x 2 m. This truck model is often owned by various companies for the purpose of distributing goods.

Long CDD Truck

This type of truck has a body length of up to 720 cm with a payload of up to 14 tons. the size of the cdd long box is 940 cm. Because of their large size, the long CDD truck type only has a maximum speed limit of 96 km/hour!

CDD Truck Body

For those of you who want to use this type of truck, of course you have to know information about the load of CDD dump trucks. The size of the body of this truck is 560 cm, with a truck weight of around 2.3 tons (if the cargo is empty). The maximum weight of this truck reaches 7.5 tons and the maximum speed of the vehicle is 112 km/hour.

This dump truck is the variant most often used as a means of transportation to carry goods in Indonesia. At the back there is a storage area known as a “tub,” which is generally made of wood.

The difference between CDD and CDE

CDE trucks are short for colt diesel engkel trucks, which are types of trucks with a single axle, where the tires are aligned when viewed from the side, and there are four tires in total.

These four tires are located at the front, both on the right and left, and at the rear, also on the right and left. The term “engkel” which comes from the Javanese language refers to “self”. Therefore, the characteristic of this truck is the presence of each independent tire, both from the right and left to the front and rear of the truck

The presence of this truck has become rare in the hands of many people due to its limited dimensions. This type of truck is generally owned by companies who use it to transport their own internal goods, with a consistent load on a daily basis. The use of CDE type trucks is rarely used for long-distance shipments, but is more often used in urban areas or between cities.

FeatureCDD TruckCDE Truck
SizeBigger than a CDE truckSmaller than CDD trucks
Length of Tub/BoxAbove 4 metersNot up to 4 meters
Carrying CapacityHigher, 4-6 tonsLower, 2-4 tons
PriceMore expensive, above 250 millionMore affordable, under 200 million


In the modern transportation era, CDD trucks stand out as innovative vehicles that provide improvements in freight capacity, load management flexibility, and cost efficiency. These vehicles can be adopted in various industrial sectors, from retail trade to the construction sector, which in turn contributes to the optimization of logistics and the implementation of sustainable practices. Understanding the benefits and applications of CDD trucks empowers companies to make accurate decisions regarding their transportation needs.

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