Know What is a Car Wiper: Types, Functions and How to Maintain Them!

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Do you know what car wiper are? Car wiper are one component that may be overlooked, but they play an important role in maintaining driving comfort and safety. This component plays a crucial role in maintaining driving visibility, especially during bad weather. Without wipers, your driving experience will be disrupted due to poor visibility.

What are the functions of car wiper? How to maintain them? And what are the types of car wiper? All those questions will be tried TransTRACK answered in this article. So, make sure you read this article until the end!

What are Car Wiper?

Car wiper are important devices installed on the front and rear windshields of a car. Their function is very simple but very important, which is to clean the glass from rainwater, dust, or other dirt. In other words, wipers help drivers maintain visibility, so they can see clearly when driving in bad weather conditions.

Turning on the car wipers or turning off the car wiper is quite easy. Car wipers can be operated by pulling the lever near the steering wheel on the left. You can also set the desired speed of the wipers according to the weather conditions while driving.

Function of Car Wiper

The function of car wiper is crucial in maintaining driving safety and comfort. With a simple yet highly effective design, the wipers are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the car glass from any kind of interference such as rainwater, dust, mud, or other debris. This ensures that the driver has a clear view of the road, especially in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow.

Some vehicles are even equipped with automatic sensors that can activate the wipers when needed, improving driver comfort and ensuring that the windshield stays clean without manual intervention. With this function, car wiper play an important role in ensuring a safe and unhindered journey.

4 Types of Car Wiper

There are several different types of car wiper in use today. The choice of these types of wipers depends on the type and brand of car manufacturer you have. However, you can replace them if needed. Some types of car wiper include:

Conventional Wiper

This type of wiper consists of a bracket and rubber. Conventional wipers are often used in older cars and are rarely used in newer cars. The advantage of this type of wipers is that they are easy to find and the price is cheaper than other types of wipers. However, the disadvantages of this type of wipers are that they are less effective in cleaning the windshield and are easily lifted by strong winds.

Full Frame Wipe

Full frame wiper are the standard type used in many types of cars in general. These wipers are usually equipped with an iron handle, so many users think that this type of wipers has a stronger durability. However, the presence of iron handles on these wipers can also be dangerous if the rubber on the wipers has thinned.

Frameless Wiper

Next there are frameless car wiper, which are widely used because they are made of plastic and the rubber has a softer and smoother texture. The rubber wipers will also follow the contours or curves of the car glass. The downside of these wipers is that when you want to replace them, you are required to buy all the components. In addition, this type of frameless wipers is also easy to vibrate because the support is only in the center.

Flat-Blade Wiper

Flat-blade wipers are quite light in weight because most of the parts consist of rubber with flat iron support to keep them sturdy. These wipers are much sought after because they can follow the curve of the glass while in use. The advantage of this type of wipers is that they are more effective in cleaning car glass and are more durable than conventional wipers. However, the disadvantage of this type of wipers is that they are more expensive than conventional wipers.

How to Maintain Car Wiper

Taking care of car wiper is an important step to ensure driving safety, especially when facing bad weather conditions. Here is how to maintain car wipers in a simple way that you can do:

Cleaning the Car Wiper

Wash the rubber parts of the wipers with clean water using vehicle wash soap. Avoid using a cloth to dry the surface of the wipers, let the water dry itself by straightening the wipers after washing.

Checking Rubber Parts and Wiper Shafts

Check the condition of the wipers rubber regularly, as worn rubber can result in sub-optimal performance of the wipers. Be sure to also check the wiper shaft and lubricate it regularly to prevent wear and tear.

Refill Car Wipers Water

Refill the car wiper water regularly to ensure the availability of sufficient glass cleaning fluid in the car cleaner container. This is important to provide maximum effectiveness when using the wipers.

Car wipers are an important part of your vehicle’s safety system. By understanding the types of wipers, their main functions, and how to maintain them, you can ensure that your car wipers are always ready for use in various weather conditions. Don’t forget to choose a car wiper size that suits your car and perform regular maintenance to maintain its optimal performance.

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Hopefully, this information is useful for maintaining the health of your car wiper and improving your driving experience.


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