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The chassis of a bus (as well as other vehicles) refers to the frame or main structure of the vehicle that forms the basis or frame of the vehicle. It is the most important part of the vehicle which supports all loads and other components. The chassis plays an important role in maintaining the stability and integrity of the vehicle while moving on the road.

In general, bus chassis are made of strong and durable materials such as steel or other alloy metals. This chassis will be the foundation for mounting the engine, transmission, suspension system, brake system and all other vehicle components.

Apart from providing structural support, the chassis also plays a role in absorbing most of the shocks and vibrations when the bus is moving on uneven roads. This helps reduce passenger discomfort and protects critical components from damage from repeated stress and shock.

The bus chassis is usually designed with certain considerations, such as the maximum load that can be transported, stability when maneuvering, vehicle height to pass obstacles on the road, and so on. Proper chassis design is essential to ensure maximum safety, comfort and performance over the life of the bus. Check out the following TransTRACK article for more!

Chassis Function

The function of the chassis in buses and other vehicles is very important and plays a role in several ways:

Structural Support

The chassis is the main frame of the vehicle which provides structural support for all of the vehicle’s components. All vehicle parts, such as the engine, transmission, suspension, body and passenger cabin, are mounted on the chassis. This chassis must be strong and durable enough to withstand the weight of the vehicle and the loads on it.


A good chassis helps to keep the vehicle stable while moving on the road. This involves proper setting of the vehicle’s center of gravity, balanced load distribution, and proper design to maintain balance during maneuvers.

Shock and Vibration Absorption

When the vehicle moves on uneven or bumpy roads, the chassis acts as a shock and vibration absorber. This helps reduce passenger discomfort and protects vehicle components from being damaged by excessive shaking.

Component Protector

The chassis plays a role in protecting vehicle components, especially when the vehicle experiences a collision or accident. As the main frame, the chassis seeks to absorb and disperse impact forces so that impact on other components can be minimized.

Load Distribution

The chassis helps distribute the load from cargo and passengers over the entire area of the vehicle. Proper load distribution is important to maintain the stability and balance of the vehicle while moving.

Component Integration

The chassis provides a platform on which all vehicle components can be seamlessly integrated. This allows for easier assembly and maintenance as the components are fixed in a predetermined position.

Storage Room

Some buses use a specially designed chassis that creates storage space under the cab or along the side of the vehicle. This allows for luggage storage or additional space for carrying items.

Identity Structure

The chassis on buses sometimes also serves as a unique identity or number that identifies a particular vehicle, especially in vehicle registration and tracking systems.

Overall, the chassis is a vital element in the design and function of buses and other vehicles. As the main frame, the chassis plays an important role in determining the performance, safety and comfort of the vehicle throughout its life.

Chassis Prices in Indonesia

The price of the bus chassis is very diverse. Starting from hundreds to billions of rupiah for the total body of the bus. The following is the price of the bus chassis as quoted from various sources:

  • Mercedes Benz OH 1526: IDR 890 million
  • Mercedes Benz OH 1526: IDR 931 million
  • Mercedes Benz OH 1626 M/T: IDR 970 million
  • Mercedes Benz OH 1626: IDR 1.013 billion
  • Mercedes Benz OH 1626 A/T: IDR 1.230 billion
  • Scania K410IB: IDR 1.75 Billion
  • Volvo B11R: IDR 1.7 Billion
  • MAN R37: IDR 2 Billion
  • Hino Bus R 260: IDR 822 million
  • Hino Bus FB130: Rp. 373 too
  • Hino Bus A 215: IDR 555 million

The price of a bus chassis in Indonesia can be influenced by several factors, including:

Brands and Models

The make and model of the vehicle chassis can affect the price. Brands that are more well known or popular usually have a higher price than brands that are less well known.

Type and Size

Buses come in various types and sizes, such as city buses, tourist buses, school buses, and others. Each type and size may have a different price.

Specifications and Features

Additional specifications or special features on the chassis can also affect the price. For example, a more advanced suspension system or structural reinforcement option might increase the price of the chassis.

Production year

The price of the bus chassis can also vary based on the year of manufacture. The chassis of newer or more up-to-date models tend to have a higher price.

Market Condition

Market conditions and other economic factors can also affect the price of chassis in Indonesia.

Best Selling Bus Chassis in Indonesia

several popular bus chassis brands in Indonesia and some of their superior specifications which are usually the main attraction for bus users.

Mercedes-Benz chassis

Mercedes-Benz has a reputation for advanced technology and high quality. Some of the top specs might include:

  • Safety Technologies: Mercedes-Benz often offers advanced safety features such as intelligent braking systems, collision warning and driver assistance systems.
  • Elegant Design: Mercedes-Benz is known for its luxurious and elegant design, both for the interior and exterior of the bus.
  • Engine Performance: Mercedes-Benz often presents high-powered engines that offer responsive and efficient performance.

Hino chassis

Hino is a popular brand for tough and reliable bus chassis. Some of the top specs might include:

  • Fuel Efficiency: Hino often offers engines with good environmental technologies and good fuel efficiency.
  • Durability: Hino is known for its rugged and durable chassis, perfect for Indonesia’s diverse road conditions.
  • Model Selection: Hino provides various bus models, including city buses, sightseeing buses, and intercity buses.

Volvo Chassis

Volvo is known for its innovation and safety technology. Some of the top specs might include:

  • Safety Technology: Volvo often introduces a variety of advanced safety features, including emergency braking systems, collision prevention reminders and speed reduction systems when crossing pedestrians.
  • Environmentally Friendly Performance: Volvo tends to offer environmentally friendly engines with low emissions and high fuel efficiency.
  • Interior Quality: Volvo offers a comfortable and modern interior for the comfort of passengers.

MAN Chassis

MAN is a bus chassis brand known for its performance and advanced technology. Some of the top specs might include:

  • Engine Performance: MAN often offers high powered engines that produce good power and torque.
  • Suspension System: MAN usually uses a sophisticated suspension system to provide maximum comfort for passengers.
  • Maneuverability: MANs are often designed with features that make it easier to maneuver on congested roads.

Isuzu chassis

Isuzu is a brand that is often chosen for city buses and inner-city passenger transportation. Some of the top specs might include:

  • Fuel Efficiency: Isuzu is known for its fuel-efficient engines.
  • Reliability: Isuzu has a reputation for reliable and easy-to-maintain bus chassis.
  • Lightweight Chassis Design: Isuzu chassis often come with a lightweight design that allows for greater payload capacity.

Scania Chassis

Scania is a Swedish bus chassis brand known for its advanced technology and reliable performance. Some of the top specs might include:

  • Engine Performance: Scania usually offers high power and environmentally friendly engines.
  • Technological Innovation: Scania often comes with the latest technology features to improve operational efficiency and security.
  • Ergonomic Design: Scania often offers interiors with ergonomic designs that are comfortable for the driver and passengers.

Golden Dragon chassis

Golden Dragon is a bus chassis brand from China which has also gained popularity in Indonesia. Some of the top specs might include:

  • Affordable Price: Golden Dragon often offers chassis at a more affordable price than other brands.
  • Model Choices: Golden Dragon provides a variety of bus models that can be adapted to various user needs.
  • Modern Design: The Golden Dragon often has modern and stylish exterior and interior designs.

Be sure to always carry out further research, consult with dealers and stay up to date with the latest developments to get accurate information about the latest specifications and attractiveness of the bus chassis of the brands mentioned above.

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