Understanding the Age, Cost, Dangers, and Causes of a Broken Engine Mount

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Broken engine mount is caused by several factors. Engine mounting or engine rubber is one of the important components in the vehicle suspension system. Its main function is to withstand and dampen vibrations and engine movements when the vehicle is moving. As a component that works hard and supports heavy engine loads, engine mountings are prone to damage over time.

Broken engine mount can cause serious problems to the vehicle. Excessive vibrations, strange sounds, even safety hazards are potential consequences of a damaged engine mounting. Therefore, it is important to understand the cause of a damaged engine mount so that we can prevent and address this problem appropriately. Check out the explanation in the following TransTRACK article!

Causes of Broken Engine Mount

Engine mounting or engine rubber is an important component in the vehicle suspension system whose job is to withstand and dampen vibrations and engine movements. There are several factors that can cause damage to the engine mounting:

Cracked or worn rubber

The rubber on the engine mounting is subject to cracking or wear due to use and exposure to extreme temperatures. If the rubber is damaged, the ability to dampen vibration and engine movement will decrease.

Less detailed service

Lack of regular maintenance and inspection of the engine mounting can cause the problem to be overlooked and worsen its condition. Supposedly, the engine mounting is also checked when carrying out periodic servicing of the car.

The vehicle load is too large

If the vehicle is frequently used to carry loads beyond its maximum capacity, the pressure generated from these loads can cause fatigue in the engine mountings and cause damage to the rubber.

Shakes and bumps

When the vehicle is subjected to excessive shock or impact, such as through potholes or uneven terrain, the engine mounting can be subjected to excessive stress and eventually damaged.

Expired lifespan

Like any other component, engine mountings have a limited service life. After passing the age limit, the engine mounting rubber will begin to decline in quality and be prone to damage.

Poor component quality

The use of low quality engine mounts or those that do not comply with vehicle specifications can also cause damage more quickly.

To avoid engine mounting damage, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance and inspections, ensure that the vehicle does not exceed the maximum allowable load, and use components according to vehicle specifications. If there are indications that the engine mounting is damaged, replace it with a new one immediately to maintain vehicle performance and safety.

Age of Engine Mounting

The age or service life of the engine mount may vary depending on various factors such as road conditions, driving style, frequency of vehicle use, and the quality of the components used. As a general estimate, engine mounting on motorized vehicles can last between 5 and 10 years or more.

However, it is important to remember that the life of the engine mount can be affected by several things, such as:

Component quality

High quality engine mounts tend to have a longer service life than low quality ones.

Operational environment

Using the vehicle in an environment with a lot of bumps, uneven terrain or potholes can accelerate engine mounting wear.

Vehicle load

Using a vehicle to transport loads beyond its maximum capacity can accelerate engine mounting wear.

Frequency of use

Vehicles that are frequently used tend to wear out faster than vehicles that are rarely used.

Maintenance and repair

Lack of maintenance or delay in repair when signs of damage are present can lead to further damage to the engine mounting.

If you experience symptoms of a damaged engine mount, such as abnormal vibrations when the engine is running, strange sounds, or a suspicious change in engine position, you should immediately check the condition of the engine mount and replace it if necessary. It is always important to carry out periodic maintenance and checks on the entire suspension system of a vehicle to maintain its performance and prevent further problems.

Engine Mounting Repair Costs

Engine mounting repair costs can vary depending on several factors, such as the make and model of the vehicle, the location of the workshop, the degree of damage to the engine mounting, and labor and spare parts costs in the area. As a rough estimate, here are some estimated engine mounting repair costs:

Cost of spare parts

Engine mountings are available in various qualities and brands. Engine mounting parts can cost anywhere from $30 to $150 or more, depending on the make and quality.

Labor costs

Labor costs are usually one of the major factors in engine mounting repairs. Workshop rates vary depending on the region and reputation of the repair shop. Estimated labor costs can range from $50 to $150 per hour or more.

Additional cost

In addition to the cost of parts and labor, there may be additional costs such as inspection fees, taxes, etc. that must be taken into account.

The total amount of engine mounting repair costs can also be affected by whether only one engine mounting needs to be replaced or several of them. If only one engine mounting is damaged, the costs will be lower than if it is necessary to replace all the engine mountings.

It is important to always check with a trusted repair shop for an accurate cost estimate before carrying out repairs. Timely engine mounting repair will help prevent further problems with the suspension system and prevent further damage to the vehicle.

Danger of Broken Engine Mount

A damaged engine mounting can cause several hazards and problems to the vehicle, including:

The radiator grille is damaged

A damaged engine mounting can cause the engine to move or vibrate uncontrollably. If the engine moves too much, it can cause other parts around the engine, such as the radiator grille, to collide with other parts in the engine bay. This can cause damage to the radiator grille, and even damage to the radiator itself, which means that the cooling system becomes ineffective, and the engine temperature rises. If this problem is not resolved immediately, it can cause more serious problems, such as engine overheating.

There is a leak in the radiator hose

Excessive vibration caused by a damaged engine mounting can cause radiator hoses or other connections in the cooling system to leak. Leaks in the cooling system can result in loss of coolant, causing engine overheating and potentially causing more serious engine damage.

Impaired fuel hose performance

Engine mounting that is not working properly can cause the engine to move unstable. This can cause the fuel hoses to become strained or pulled, causing stress in the fuel hose and connections. If the fuel hose is damaged or leaks, it can cause a dangerous fuel leak and increase the risk of fire.

In addition to an immediate problem with the radiator system and fuel hoses, a faulty engine mount can also cause excessive vibration to the vehicle, which can affect driver and passenger comfort, as well as cause damage to other components in the vehicle.

So, when you experience symptoms of a damaged engine mount such as excessive vibration or a strange sound, immediately have it checked and replaced with a damaged engine mount to prevent further problems and maintain the performance and safety of your vehicle.

Broken engine mount is a serious problem that can pose a risk of danger to the vehicle and the user. Understanding the cause of a broken engine mounting is an important first step to prevent further damage and keep your vehicle safe.

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