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Pickpockets are common in public places, such as public transportation, a problem often encountered in many cities around the world. This TransTRACK article will discuss the phenomenon of pickpocketing, ways to identify potential pickpockets, and steps you can take to protect yourself and your valuables when in public places. With increased ingenuity and vigilance, we can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of pickpocketing and create a safer environment for us all.

What is meant by pickpocket?

Pickpocketing is the term for someone who commits acts of theft with the modus operandi of stealing valuables or money from someone, especially in public places such as trains, buses, markets or crowds of people. A pickpocket’s modus operandi often involves fraudulent actions, such as distracting the victim, stealing items from the victim’s pockets or bag without their knowledge, and then disappearing from the scene as quickly as possible.

The act of pickpocketing is usually considered illegal and unethical, and pickpockets can be prosecuted if caught. To protect yourself from pickpocketing, it is important to always be careful with your valuables, keep valuables in a safe place, and always monitor your surroundings, especially in crowded places. Also, it’s best to avoid attracting attention with overly flashy valuables, such as expensive jewelry, which can attract the attention of potential pickpockets.

How to prevent pickpockets on AKAP buses

To prevent pickpockets on AKAP (Inter-City Inter-Provincial) buses, a fleet management system such as TransTRACK can be very useful. Here are some ways in which TransTRACK or a similar system can help prevent pickpockets on AKAP buses:

GPS Tracking

TransTRACK uses GPS to track AKAP bus positions in real-time. With this, you can ensure that the bus is always on a predetermined route, and if the bus goes off route or stops in an unusual place, the system can provide an alert to the operator.


This system allows you to set prohibited zones or boundaries where buses should not pass. If the bus exceeds this limit, the system will provide a warning to the driver and operator.

Speed Limiter

TransTRACK can monitor bus speed. If the driver exceeds the specified speed limit, the system can provide a warning to the driver and operator. This helps in preventing theft by reducing the risk of drivers rushing to pass the scene.

Security Sensors

This system can be equipped with security sensors, such as door sensors or movement sensors. If there is any suspicious movement in the bus when there are no authorized passengers, the system can provide an alert to the operator or driver.

Recording and Reporting

TransTRACK records all bus trip data, including departure, arrival times, route followed and other important events. If there is an incident of theft or suspicious behavior, this data can be used for investigation and reporting.

Video Monitoring

Some fleet management systems include the installation of security cameras on buses. These cameras can record activity on the bus and can help in identifying pickpockets or suspicious actions.

Driver Training

TransTRACK can be used to monitor driver behavior, such as hard braking or excessive acceleration. This data can be used to provide feedback to drivers and ensure that they are performing their duties safely.

Physical Security

Apart from technology, it is also important to have a physical security system such as an emergency alarm that can be used by the driver or passengers in an emergency situation.

Through the use of technology such as TransTRACK, you can improve the security of AKAP buses and prevent pickpockets by monitoring and managing the fleet effectively. With accurate data and real-time alerts, you can take immediate action in case of suspicious situations.

How to avoid pickpockets on the AKAP bus

To avoid pickpockets on AKAP (Inter-City Inter-Provincial) buses, you can follow the following preventive steps:

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

  • Always pay attention to passengers around you.
  • Don’t focus so much on your cell phone or valuables that you’re not aware of your surroundings.

Store Valuables Safely

  • Store valuables such as wallets, cell phones and jewelry in bags or pockets that are difficult for pickpockets to access.
  • Make sure your bag is always locked and safe.

Be careful with the Ablukan Action

  • Pickpocketing, where someone tries to approach you for various reasons, is often used by pickpockets to distract you.
  • If someone tries to approach you suspiciously, maintain distance and be alert.

Do Not Share Personal Information

  • Don’t talk too much about yourself or your personal things to strangers on the bus.

Use Geofencing on Your Device

  • Some mobile device apps have a geofencing feature that can notify you if you have moved out of your designated zone. This can help you monitor the movement of your valuables.

Do not store valuables above your head or on the floor

  • Valuables stored overhead or on the floor are more susceptible to theft because it is difficult to keep an eye on them.

Recognize Common Pickpocketing

  • Understand common pickpocketing tactics, such as picking from your pocket or bag or stealing items from overhead luggage.

Voice Your Discomfort

  • If you feel there is any suspicious or suspicious behavior, do not hesitate to speak or shout to get the attention of other passengers and the bus driver.

Cooperate with Other Passengers

  • If you see suspicious behavior, talk to other passengers and contact the officer or bus driver.

Follow the Rules and Driver’s Instructions

  • Obey the rules set by the driver and bus company. They can provide important guidance to keep passengers safe.

Don’t sleep too soundly

  • Although sleeping on the bus can be comfortable, avoid sleeping too soundly, especially if you have valuables. Stay alert.

Coordination with Authorities

  • If you become a victim of pickpocketing, immediately report the incident to the relevant authorities or security personnel.

Remember that precautions and vigilance are key to avoiding pickpocketing on AKAP buses. Always prioritize your personal safety and valuables when traveling.

In an increasingly connected and dynamic world, safety when traveling on AKAP buses is a must. Investing in a reliable Fleet Management System solution, such as that offered by TransTRACK, can provide peace of mind and efficiency in managing your fleet. With this advanced technology, you can monitor and improve travel security, prevent theft and improve the passenger experience. Be part of this change towards safer and more efficient travel with TransTRACK. For further information or consultation, do not hesitate to contact us today.


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