Here are 5 Tips for Iftar on the Road Safely!

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Iftar on The Road

Iftar on the road, is it possible? The blessing of Ramadan has arrived, a time when Muslims around the world prepare to fast. For some people, fasting doesn’t always happen at home or in a cozy place. Sometimes, daily activities require one to be on the road when iftar time comes. Breaking the fast on the road is no easy feat, but with the right preparation and safety awareness, we can do it safely and comfortably. This article will provide practical guidance on how to properly break the fast while on the road, as well as provide insight into safety features that can help in fleet management, such as those offered by  TransTRACK. Let’s explore together the best ways to fast on the road safely and comfortably.

The right way to iftar on the road

The right way to iftar on the road does need to be considered in order to stay safe and comfortable. Here are the steps:

Preparation of Supplies

It is important to prepare enough supplies to break your fast while traveling. Always bring snacks that are easy to consume, such as dates, fruits, or other snacks. Make sure to bring enough drinking water to avoid dehydration. Also, bring eating utensils, such as a spoon or wet wipes, to make breaking the fast easier.

Choose a Safe Place

When breaking your fast on the road, it’s important to find a safe and convenient place. Try to pull over in a place that does not interfere with traffic or is potentially dangerous. If possible, look for rest areas, mosque courtyards, or parking lots that are large enough and comfortable to take a short break.


Make sure to keep yourself and your surroundings clean when breaking your fast on the road. Use wet wipes or hand sanitizer to clean your hands before and after eating. Avoid eating in dirty or unhygienic places to prevent the risk of illness.

Concentration and Vigilance

Even though you’re breaking your fast, stay concentrated and aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to traffic and safety conditions, and make sure you are in a safe place to take a break. Don’t get so caught up in the food that you forget about your own safety.

Alternative Route for Iftar

If possible, consider taking an alternate route or stopping at a safe place to break your fast in peace. If you can’t find a suitable place, breaking your fast simply in the vehicle by eating dates and drinking water can also be a solution.

By paying attention to all of the above, it is hoped that you can break your fast calmly and comfortably while on the road. Keep prioritizing safety and comfort in every activity, including breaking the fast outside the home.

These are some tips for breaking the fast safely while on the road. Always prioritize your safety and comfort and those around you. To ensure your trip remains safe and well-managed, utilize TransTRACK’s flagship safety features in the fleet management system.

To ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles, and cargo. Here are some of the safety features available in TransTRACK Fleet Management System:

  • Real-time Monitoring: This feature allows users to monitor the location and status of vehicles directly through a digital map. With accurate and real-time information, fleet managers can identify problems immediately and take preventive action if needed.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing allows users to set a virtual geographical boundary around a specific area. When a vehicle passes through or leaves the set area, the system will notify the user. This feature can help in controlling the movement of vehicles and ensuring they stay within the designated area.
  • Panic Button: Panic button is an emergency button installed in the vehicle. When this button is pressed, the system will immediately provide notification to the fleet manager or control center, allowing them to respond to emergency situations quickly.
  • Trip Data Recording: This feature records and stores vehicle trip data, including speed, mileage, and route traveled. This information can be used to analyze driver behavior, identify high-risk driving habits, and provide feedback to drivers to improve safety.
  • Accident Alert: The system can be equipped with crash sensors that detect collision incidents. When an accident occurs, the system automatically sends an emergency notification to the nearest fleet manager or emergency services, allowing immediate assistance to be provided to drivers and passengers.

These safety features not only help protect vehicles and cargo, but also improve driver safety and ensure smooth fleet operations. With advanced technology like TransTRACK in  Fleet Management System, companies can ensure that their fleet operates efficiently and safely at all times.

With TransTRACK, you can monitor vehicle movements in real-time, identify potential risks, and take necessary precautions. So, make sure your fleet is equipped with this advanced technology to provide maximum protection for drivers and cargo. Happy fasting and safe travels!


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