6 Ways to How to Take Care of Car Battery So It Lasts Long and Doesn’t Die Out Quickly

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The battery is an important component in a vehicle. Without a battery, a car or other vehicle cannot be started. Therefore, knowing how to care for a car battery is an important thing you need to know.

When caring for a car battery, you should not be careless. There are things you need to pay attention to so that your car battery lasts a long time and doesn’t run out quickly. Then maybe now you are wondering how to properly care for a car battery? How important is it to carry out car battery maintenance? And what are the things that cause a car battery to run out quickly?

This TransTRACK article will discuss in full how to care for a car battery so that it lasts long and prevents the battery from draining. Find out more in the explanation below.

A Glance at Car Batteries

Before we get into tips for caring for car batteries, let’s understand what a car battery is. The car battery is an important device in our vehicle’s electrical system. Its function is to store electrical energy in chemical form and release it when needed to start the vehicle engine and supply electricity to various electrical components such as car lights, fans and radios.

Car batteries generally consist of chemical cells that produce a voltage of around 12 volts. This is enough to run all of the vehicle’s electrical systems, and also ensure the engine can be started. However, this battery is a quite fragile component and requires good maintenance to keep it functioning normally.

The Importance of Caring for Car Batteries

Why should we take good care of car batteries? First of all, a healthy battery is the main key to running your vehicle. A damaged or dead battery will prevent your vehicle from starting. Apart from that, a good car battery also ensures that the various electrical systems in your vehicle run smoothly.

Proper maintenance of your car battery will also save you money in the long run. Buying a new battery is not cheap. Carrying out car battery maintenance properly can extend the life of the battery, so you don’t have to spend money to buy a new car battery.

How to take care of car battery so that it lasts long

Now, let’s discuss several ways to care for your car battery so that it lasts a long time and avoids battery failure:

How to take care of car battery: 1. Make sure the battery is installed properly

The first step is to make sure that the battery is properly installed in your vehicle. Check the clamps on the battery and make sure they are securely connected. Loose clamps can cause problems with electrical flow and can damage the battery.

How to take care of car battery: 2. Check Battery Fluid Level

Many traditional car batteries have cells that need to be filled with water. Make sure the fluid level in each cell is sufficient. If the fluid level is too low, fill with demineralized water until it reaches the proper level.

How to take care of car battery: 3. Clean the battery clamps

Regularly cleaning the battery clamps can also make the car battery last longer. Try cleaning the car battery with a soft bristled brush and baking soda solution to get maximum cleanliness. Clean clamps will ensure that the electrical contacts on the battery work well.

How to take care of car battery: 4. Turn off the Electrical System when the Engine is Turned Off

Make sure all electrical systems such as lights, fans and radio are turned off when the vehicle engine is turned off. This will reduce the load on the battery and extend its life.

How to take care of car battery: 5. Drive Regularly

Car batteries also require energy recharge through the vehicle engine. So, make sure you drive regularly. If your vehicle is rarely used, consider charging the battery with a proper battery charger or warming up the engine regularly.

How to take care of car battery: 6. Protect the battery from extreme temperatures

Car batteries are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Avoid leaving your vehicle in prolonged hot conditions or freezing temperatures. Extreme temperatures can accelerate damage to a car battery.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Apart from knowing how to properly care for a car battery, it is also important to avoid common mistakes that can damage the battery. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Ignoring Signs of a Weak Battery

If you hear a slow engine sound when starting or lights dim, it could be a sign that your battery is weak. Don’t ignore these signs, carry out maintenance immediately so that the battery remains in good condition and doesn’t fail.

Leaving the Lights On When the Vehicle is Turned Off

Leaving lights or other electrical systems on when the engine is turned off will quickly drain the battery’s energy. So, when you leave the car, make sure the other electrical systems are turned off.

Too Often Disassembling the Battery

Disassembling the car battery too often can damage the cables and clamps, causing problems with the electricity flow. When there is a problem with the battery, it is best to take it to a trusted repair shop and leave it to the experts. Doing dismantling yourself will only worsen the damage to the car battery.

Using an Inappropriate Battery

Make sure you use the correct battery for your vehicle. Using an inappropriate battery can cause problems with the car’s electrical system and can affect comfort when driving.

So, those are some tips for caring for your car battery so that it lasts a long time and prevents the battery from draining. By paying close attention to your car battery and avoiding common mistakes, you can ensure your vehicle keeps running well.

To make it easier to monitor and maintain your car battery, you can use the Vehicle Maintenance System from TransTRACK. This tool will help you to monitor the condition of the battery and provide warnings if there is a problem. With real-time monitoring, the condition of the car battery can be maintained and have maximum performance. With TransTRACK, maintaining a car battery has never been easier.


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