Know How to Maintain Your Car Engine to Make it Last Longer!

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Cara Merawat Mesin Mobil

How to maintain your car engine properly? A car engine is a complex machine that requires proper maintenance to keep it running properly. Carefully maintaining a car engine is not just about maintaining its optimal performance, but also protecting your investment in the vehicle. From regular oil changes to cooling system checks, there are many simple steps you can take to ensure that your car engine operates properly and has a long lifespan.

In this  TransTRACK article, we will discuss some important steps you can take to take good care of your car’s engine, so that you can enjoy a smooth and trouble-free journey.

How to Maintain Your Car Engine

The car engine maintenance steps mentioned in your question are good enough. However, I would add a few additional steps that are essential to ensure optimal health and performance of the car engine:

Changing and Filtering Oil

Oil is responsible for lubricating and cooling the engine. As the engine operates, the oil becomes contaminated with dirt and metal particles from friction, so it needs to be changed regularly according to the car manufacturer’s recommendations. The oil filter should also be changed at the same time as the oil change to ensure that the new oil is not contaminated by particles still trapped in the old filter.

Cleaning the Air Filter

The air filter prevents dirt and dust from entering the engine’s combustion system. If the air filter is too dirty, airflow becomes restricted, which can reduce combustion efficiency and engine performance. Cleaning or replacing the air filter regularly is essential to maintain the quality of air entering the engine.

Check the Radiator Fluid

Radiator fluid is important for cooling the engine during operation. Make sure the radiator fluid is at the right level and that there are no leaks in the cooling system. Also, make sure to use a mixture of water and coolant according to the car manufacturer’s recommendations, especially in extreme temperature conditions.

Choosing Quality Fuel

Good quality fuel is essential for optimal engine performance. Make sure to use fuel that matches the car manufacturer’s recommendations and avoid using cheap or low-quality fuel that can cause damage to the engine’s combustion system.

Always Warm Up the Car

Before starting a trip, make sure to warm up the car engine for a few minutes to allow the oil to flow properly throughout the engine. This helps reduce friction and extend the engine’s lifespan.

Keeping the Car Engine Clean

A clean car engine tends to have better performance and fewer problems. Clean the engine regularly with low-pressure water and a suitable engine cleaning product to remove dirt, dust, and oil build-up.

Periodic Maintenance and Parts Replacement

Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the car manufacturer and replace recommended components, such as spark plugs, air filter, oil filter, and drive belt, according to recommendations to ensure optimal performance and prevent more serious damage.

By performing the right maintenance steps on a regular basis, you can ensure that your car engine continues to perform optimally and has a longer lifespan, while avoiding unnecessary repair costs and maintaining safe driving.

Taking good care of your car engine is key to ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle. However, manually monitoring maintenance schedules and managing maintenance history can be a laborious and error-prone task.

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