8 Tips on How to Clean Your Car Dashboard to Avoid Damage!

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How to clean a car dashboard must be done carefully. A car dashboard is a control center that not only provides vital information while driving, but also reflects your personality and attention to detail. Therefore, cleaning the dashboard is not just a mundane household task, but a maintenance ritual to maintain the beauty of your vehicle.

In this article, we will explore practical steps and innovative solutions to effectively clean the car dashboard. From conventional cleaning techniques to integration with advanced technologies such as the  TransTRACK Vehicle Maintenance System, let’s discover the best ways to keep the dashboard clean and take good care of our vehicles.

How to Clean the Car Dashboard?

How to clean a car dashboard is not just a cleaning routine, but something that involves attention to detail. A clean dashboard not only creates a comfortable driving environment, but also increases the lifespan and aesthetics of your vehicle. Here is an in-depth guide to ensure you clean your car dashboard perfectly:

1. Material Preparation

  • Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning Tools: Make sure you have a vacuum cleaner or vacuum with the appropriate accessories to reach hard-to-reach areas. Also, stock up on chamois, wet wipes, a soft-bristled brush, and car interior cleaning products. If you choose to make your own cleaning fluid, make sure to have white vinegar, water, and possibly essential oils as basic ingredients.

2. Initial Stage

  • Vacuuming: Take the first step by vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner. Focus on vents, between dashboards, and areas that tend to accumulate dust.

3. Further Cleaning

  • Use of Chamois and Wet Wipes: Wet the chamois with water and wring it out until it is damp. Gently wipe the dashboard surface with the chamois to remove any dust that may remain. Use wet wipes to remove stains and dirt that are more sticky.

4. Specialized Stain Treatments

  • Toothpaste or Baking Soda: Toothpaste can be used for small stains or scratches. Baking soda, when mixed with water, forms an effective paste to clean difficult stains.

5. Interior Product Cleaning

  • Use of Car Interior Cleaner: If you use a specialized cleaner, make sure it is appropriate for the type of dashboard material (e.g., leather, vinyl, or plastic). Apply the cleaner to a chamois or rag and gently wipe the surface.

6. Brush and Duster

  • Cleaning Corners and Crevices: Use a soft-bristled brush or a feather duster to clean the nooks and crannies around the dashboard. These soft brushes help remove dust and dirt without damaging the surface.

7. Use of Technology

  • TransTRACK Vehicle Maintenance System Integration: By integrating technology, such as TransTRACK, you can receive regular notifications to clean your dashboard and access dashboard maintenance guides through the app. This ensures that you always keep your car’s dashboard in the best condition.

8. Trial and Finishing

  • Test Run the Product or Method: Before applying the product or method thoroughly, test it on a small, invisible area to avoid potential damage.
  • Finishing and Drying: Ensure that the dashboard is well dried after the cleaning process. This helps prevent water stains or residue from forming.

By understanding each step in depth, you can optimize your car dashboard cleaning process to achieve clean, well-maintained and long-lasting results.

How to make car dashboard cleaner

You can make your own car dashboard cleaner with ingredients that are commonly available at home. Here is a simple recipe for dashboard cleaner:



  • Use clean water as the base of the cleaning liquid.
  • White Vinegar:
    • White vinegar has cleaning properties and can help remove stains or dirt on the dashboard.
    • Mix white vinegar with water in a 1:1 ratio or to taste.
  • Essential Oils (Optional):
    • A few drops of essential oils such as lavender, lemon, or peppermint can give the cleanser a refreshing scent.


  • Prepare Ingredients:
    • Prepare clean water, white vinegar, and essential oils (if using).
  • Mix Ingredients:
    • Combine water and white vinegar in a container. Make sure the ratio is 1:1 or according to your taste.
  • Add Essential Oil (Optional):
    • If you want to give the liquid a specific scent, add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture. Mix well.
  • Transfer to Spray Bottle:
    • Once the mixture is well mixed, transfer it into a spray bottle for easier use.
  • Use Wisely:
    • Spray this cleaner on a clean cloth or directly onto the car dashboard surface.
    • Wipe the surface with a chamois or clean cloth to dry.

Be sure to do a test run on a small, invisible area first to ensure that the cleaner does not damage or leave residue on the surface of your car’s dashboard. Also, make sure the dashboard is dry after cleaning it.

Taking care of your car’s dashboard is not just a routine task, but an investment in driving comfort and safety. By using TransTRACK Vehicle Maintenance System, you not only clean, but also maintain your car with a touch of modern technology. A clean and well-maintained car is a mirror of your attention to detail. Let’s create a better driving experience together.

By combining physical maintenance and technology through TransTRACK Vehicle Maintenance System, you not only keep your dashboard clean, but also take care of your car as a whole. Start your TransTRACK subscription today and enjoy the benefits of technology in maintaining your vehicle.


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