6 Tips for Choosing a Comfortable and Safe Family Car for Long Trips

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As the end of the year approaches, buying a new car is a wise decision. To accompany you and your family on vacation or long trips, buying a family car is the right choice. However, choosing a car for your family is not a trivial decision, as there are various factors to consider.

In this article, TransTRACK will provide valuable tips on choosing the best car at the end of 2023, as well as provide maintenance guidelines to keep the car in top shape. By reading this article, you can choose a car that not only meets your family’s daily needs, but also fits your budget!

Tips for Choosing a Family Car

As a vehicle that will take your family members on daily trips, safety, comfort, and practicality are the main factors to consider when choosing a car. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right car:

Car Capacity

Consider the number of family members and the space requirements needed. Choose a car with enough capacity to accommodate all family members and provide extra comfort. Also check the flexibility of the cabin space, such as seats that can be folded to provide more space when needed.

Safety System

Safety systems are a very important factor in choosing a car. Make sure the car is equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS), airbags, traction control, emergency braking system, and parking sensors. With a good safety system, you don’t have to worry too much when driving, because everything will be protected.

Fuel Efficiency

Consider the fuel efficiency of the car. A car should be environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient to reduce operational costs. You can check whether the car has fuel-saving features such as eco drive or not. Also consider the option of choosing a hybrid or electric car for higher efficiency.

Entertainment and Comfort Features

Make sure the car is equipped with entertainment features that can make traveling with your family more enjoyable. High-quality audio systems, bluetooth connectivity, and other additional entertainment features will enhance the driving experience. Use entertainment features sparingly so as not to distract the driver while driving.

Maintenance and Repair Costs

Before buying a new car, do some research on the long-term maintenance and repair costs of the car. Some makes and models may be more expensive to maintain or require hard-to-find parts. So make sure you choose a car that has reasonable maintenance costs and easy-to-find parts.

Consider Trunk Size

A spacious trunk is very important when choosing a car. When you are traveling long distances with your family, a spacious trunk will be a great help in carrying all your belongings. Flexibility and access to the boot are two things you can consider when assessing a car boot.

Best Family Car Recommendations at the End of 2023

A family car is an important choice to fulfill your daily transportation needs. Here are the recommendations for the best family cars at the end of 2023 based on their categories:

MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicles)

MPVs are specially designed to accommodate many passengers. The wide seats and spacious cabin make them ideal for large families or trips with friends. MPVs are often equipped with foldable seats, giving you the flexibility to rearrange the cabin space according to your needs.

Most MPVs also have good fuel efficiency, making them suitable for long-distance travel or daily use without straining the fuel budget. Some MPV car options for families include the Toyota Avanza Veloz, Mobilio, and Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix.

SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle):

SUVs have a sportier design and are often equipped with good off-road capabilities. This makes them ideal for adventurous families or frequent trips to rural areas. SUVs often offer a wide range of engine options, from fuel-efficient to high-powered.

Most SUVs have ample cargo space, perfect for carrying sports equipment, camping equipment, or family luggage. Some family SUVs that you can choose from are the Ford Everest, Mazda CX-5, and Toyota Rush.


Minivans can usually accommodate more passengers than MPVs or SUVs. This makes it a top choice for large families or families that often bring relatives along. Minivans are generally equipped with automatic sliding doors that allow easy access to the rear seats. This is especially useful when transporting passengers, especially children.

Minivans are often equipped with high-level comfort features, such as rear entertainment systems, separate air conditioning for each row of seats, and seats that can be folded to provide additional cargo space. Minivan car options include the Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Hiace.

Choosing the right family car is an important decision for the comfort and safety of your family. By paying attention to safety, comfort and practicality factors, you can ensure that the car you choose meets all your family’s needs.

Performing regular maintenance is also important to keep you and your family comfortable while driving. The application of  Vehicle Maintenance System (VMS) technology from  TransTRACK in maintaining a new car can provide a number of significant benefits.

VMS allows real-time monitoring of engine condition, provides notifications regarding maintenance needs, and helps prevent greater damage by detecting potential problems early. With the integration of location monitoring and security, VMS also enhances the safety aspect of the vehicle. As such, VMS provides a comprehensive solution to ensure your family car stays in top condition and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

By reading this article, hopefully you can make a wise decision in choosing a family car that suits your needs. Congratulations on choosing a new car and enjoy traveling with your beloved family!


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