Cause of Traffic Accidents That You Need To be Aware Of and Tips For Anticipating Them

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Cause of traffic accidents can vary and are influenced by several factors. As a road user, you need to be careful when driving, because traffic accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Every year, many lives are lost and millions of people are injured due to traffic accidents. This phenomenon is not only physically and emotionally detrimental, but also has a major economic impact on society.

In order to overcome this problem, it is important for you to understand what factors cause traffic accidents and how to avoid them. In this TransTRACK article, we will discuss some of the main causes of car accidents and provide safe driving tips that can help you stay safe on the road.

Factors Causing Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents can be caused by several factors, ranging from natural factors, humans, vehicle conditions or others. The following are some of the frequently encountered causes of traffic accidents:

Human error

Human error is the main factor that often causes traffic accidents. This human error factor not only endangers yourself, but also other road users around you.

Violating traffic is one of the human error factors that can cause accidents, not only to yourself, but also to other people around you. Driving at high speed, forgetting to fasten your seat belt, using a cellphone while driving are other examples of human error that can also cause traffic accidents.

Poor Road Conditions

Poor road conditions can also be a cause of traffic accidents. Some road conditions that often cause accidents include lack of lighting, potholes in the road, corners that are too sharp, inclines that are too steep, and also no traffic signs.

Inadequate or poor road conditions can disrupt the concentration of passing motorists, which has the potential to result in traffic accidents.

Non-Optimal Vehicle Condition

The next factor causing traffic accidents is less than optimal vehicle conditions. There are many factors in the condition of a vehicle that can cause accidents, for example the condition of bald tires, worn brakes, a dead lighting system, and so on. Just one compromised vehicle system condition can have a significant impact on safety if not addressed immediately.

Extreme Environments and Weather

Driving during heavy rain, snow storms, thick fog or other weather conditions will greatly affect driving comfort. Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain can affect the driver’s vision and make road conditions slippery. It is not uncommon for extreme weather and environmental conditions to result in accidents that can cause loss of life.

Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

The influence of alcohol or drugs can affect a person’s consciousness. When under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you should not drive straight away. Driving while unconscious is very dangerous and has the potential to result in traffic accidents. The influence of drugs and alcohol while driving not only impacts you, but also other road users.


One of the causes of car accidents in Indonesia is due to being very sleepy while driving. Driving when your eyes are drowsy will reduce your focus, slow your reaction to something, and lose consciousness for a while. So, when you feel very sleepy, you should step aside for a moment and rest.

Safe Driving Tips to Prevent Traffic Accidents

After knowing some information about the causes of traffic accidents, now we will discuss tips for safe driving. You can use the following tips to prevent or reduce the potential for traffic accidents. Come on, take a look!

Obey Every Traffic Regulation

In creating a safe and comfortable driving atmosphere, make sure you always comply with applicable regulations. Stop at red lights, don’t overtake from the left, drive at a reasonable speed are some simple tips for obeying traffic rules. Even though it sounds simple, the impact on driving safety is quite significant.

Make sure your body is in prime condition

Before starting to ride, make sure that you are fit and in top condition. Your body condition will greatly affect you when driving. So, take care of your body by getting enough sleep, consuming healthy food, and not consuming drugs or alcohol so that your body stays fit when driving.

Always Check Vehicle Condition

Before starting to drive, it is highly recommended for you to check the condition of the vehicle. Make sure all components, systems and engines on the vehicle are in normal and optimal condition. This check is very important, especially if you want to travel a long distance. Checking the condition of the vehicle before driving can be an effective way to prevent traffic accidents.

Use Complete Protection Tools

To anticipate large losses due to accidents, make sure you always wear maximum protective equipment. When driving a car, make sure to always use a seat belt and install a car airbag. This will help reduce damage and even protect your life in the event of a traffic accident.

That is an explanation of the causes of traffic accidents and how to anticipate them. Creating a safe driving atmosphere on the highway is the responsibility of all of us as road users. So let’s work together to create a safe and comfortable driving atmosphere by applying the tips above.

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