Car Engine Overheat? Here Are the Causes and How to Fix It

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Car overheat, what you should do? When your car engine starts to show symptoms of rapid exhaustion, especially with an unusual rise in temperature, it could be a red flag for the health of your vehicle. A rapidly overheating car engine can be a very annoying problem, whether it occurs during highway driving or in heavy traffic. However, don’t panic. In this  TransTRACK article, we will explain the common causes behind the problem of a car engine overheating and how to solve the problem. From regular maintenance to choosing the right components, let’s explore ways to keep your car engine cool and functioning properly.

What Makes a Car Engine Overheat

There are several factors that can cause a car engine to heat up quickly. Here are some of them:

Radiator Problems

A leaking, clogged, or damaged radiator can impede the flow of coolant to the engine, causing the engine to heat up faster.

Poor Engine Oil Quality

Poor quality or dirty engine oil will not be able to lubricate engine components properly. This can lead to excessive friction and overheating of the engine.

Damaged Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can disrupt engine temperature regulation. If the thermostat is constantly open, the engine may operate at too low a temperature, while if the thermostat is locked, the engine may overheat.

Water Pump Disruption

A faulty or malfunctioning water pump can reduce the flow of coolant to the engine, causing the engine temperature to rise.

Errors in the Use of Fuel Oil (BBM)

The selection of fuel that is not in accordance with engine specifications or the use of low-quality fuel can result in inefficient combustion and increased engine temperature.

All of the above factors can cause a car engine to overheat quickly and if not addressed quickly, can cause more serious damage to the engine. Therefore, it is important to perform regular maintenance and pay attention to signs of disruption in the cooling system and other engine components.

How to Fix a Hot Car Engine

Here are the steps to solve the hot car engine problem:

Checking and Repairing a Damaged Radiator

Check the radiator regularly to ensure there are no leaks or other damage. If damage is found, immediately repair or replace the damaged radiator.

Choose High Quality Oil

Make sure to use high-quality engine oil that matches the specifications recommended by the car manufacturer. Good quality oil will help lubricate the engine well and prevent excessive temperature increase.

Checking the AC Temperature

Make sure the AC cooling system is functioning properly, as some cars use an AC cooling system to help keep the engine temperature stable.

Use Fuel Oil in accordance with Car Specifications

Use fuel oil (BBM) in accordance with the specifications recommended by the car manufacturer. Using inappropriate fuel can cause inefficient combustion and increase engine temperature.

Replacing a Damaged Water Pump

If the water pump is found to be damaged or not functioning properly, replace it with a new one immediately. A properly functioning water pump is important to maintain the flow of coolant to the engine.

In addition to these steps, be sure to perform routine car maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This includes periodic cooling system checks, regular engine oil changes, and inspection of other components that could potentially cause the engine to heat up. If the engine continues to experience heat problems despite taking the above steps, immediately consult a professional mechanic for further diagnosis and proper repairs.

Thus, keeping your car engine from overheating is a very important step in ensuring the performance and reliability of your vehicle. By using TransTRACK’s  Vehicle Maintenance System, you can easily keep track of regular maintenance schedules, monitor engine conditions in real-time, and receive early alerts in case of potential problems.

Don’t let your car’s engine fall victim to lack of maintenance. With TransTRACK, you have the necessary tools to keep your vehicle running smoothly and avoid serious damage in the future. Start investing in proper maintenance for your car today by using TransTRACK.


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