Car Glass Mold, How to Clean and Prevent It?

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Car Glass Mold

Car glass mold usually appears because after being exposed to rain, the car is not immediately cleaned and dried properly. In addition, the quality of water when washing the car can also cause mold on the glass. Make sure to avoid using water that is high in lime and salt. You can use water to clean your car that comes from the PDAM. Generally, mold can grow in humid areas, and this also applies to your car. Cars that are parked for a long time in a humid area or place can cause dirt to accumulate on the windshield and trigger mold.

Causes of Car Glass Mold

Here are some factors that can cause mold on glass:

  1. Environmental conditions such as high humidity and low temperature
  2. Sunlight that does not spread evenly
  3. Condensation of water vapor on car glass
  4. Inadequate and infrequent cleaning
  5. Unclean materials on car glass
  6. Extreme weather such as rain and dust
  7. High mobility so car glass is rarely cleaned
  8. Excessive use of air conditioning
  9. Use of unclean water to clean car glass
  10. Dusty and dirty environment.

How to Clean Mold on Glass

Then, are there ways that can be done to remove mold on car glass? Here are tips from TransTRACK for TRACKers who want to remove mold on the glass.

Using Soda Drinks

The tips and tricks can use how to remove mold on car glass with soda drinks. All you have to do is clean the windshield until it is dry and then wipe the windshield with a cloth soaked in soda. Make sure to rub it gently and not too hard, as it can scratch the windshield. Avoid mixing soda water with plain water so that the soda content does not decrease and maximally erode the mold on the car glass.

Apply Toothpaste

In addition to being useful for cleaning teeth and mouth, toothpaste can also be used as an ingredient to remove mold on car glass. For the application, you can apply toothpaste on the moldy car glass and wait for the toothpaste to dry. After drying, rinse with a car glass cleaning cloth that has been soaked in water and dry it afterwards. Make sure there is no residue or toothpaste residue left on your car glass.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

The next way to remove mold on car glass is by using apple cider vinegar. Mix 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 liter of clean water. Then wet a soft cloth with the liquid mixture and rub it on the windshield affected by mold. Rub gently and then dry with newspaper or a clean dry cloth.

Using Alcohol

You can use 50-90% alcohol as a way to remove car glass mold. Just like the previous method, simply wet a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently rub the glass surface. Not only alcohol, disinfectant liquid can also be used as a way to remove mold on car glass.

Use of bleach

Not only does it work to remove stains on clothes, but bleach can also be used as a way to remove mold on car glass. Use enough bleach to avoid damaging the windshield.

Using Aquarium Glass Cleaner

If you have an aquarium glass cleaner, you can use this liquid as a way to remove mold on the glass. This aquarium cleaner has a more liquid texture than car glass cleaner. However, the content in it is actually harder than car glass cleaner. When you want to use aquarium glass liquid, use a small amount of liquid and rinse immediately after application. If not washed off immediately, the liquid will leave spots on the car glass.

Those are some ways to remove mold on glass with ingredients at home. However, if you have more funds, you can use a special liquid to clean mold on car glass that can be purchased at various marketplaces or car salons. You can also take your car to a car salon to be polished with grinders to remove the mold layer.

How to Prevent Mold on Car Glass

To help keep mold spores away from your car and windshield, here are some helpful tips:

  • Every now and then, make sure you roll down all your car windows. If you have a sunroof or moonroof, open them as well. This will allow air to enter the vehicle for full ventilation.
  • Make sure you also turn on the heater and defroster regularly.
  • Avoid letting the inside of your car get soaked – even slightly damp. If any condensation forms or liquid breaks out, it should be soaked up immediately with a towel and then allowed to dry.
  • Ensure that all food is vacuumed frequently.

If it’s been a while since you’ve driven or started your vehicle, it’s important to take some additional steps:

  • Be sure to check the inside of the window carefully for any condensation that has pooled.
  • You should also check the window seals for tears or cracks. These need to be replaced if they are damaged.
  • Make sure you also use a flashlight and check all interior surfaces for mold growth. This is especially true for seats and floor mats.

These unpleasant conditions can also be recognized and avoided through the following easy tips.

1. Moldy Car Glass Condition Easy to Find at Night

Drivers must ensure that the windshield is clean if they want to identify signs of mold on the windshield. If the driver’s visibility when looking at other objects at night is less clear, this condition indicates that the car glass is moldy.

2. Check the condition of the car glass directly

If you want to know directly, the driver can wash the car as usual. After it is clean and dry, the driver can immediately check by looking and paying attention to the details of the car glass.

If there are white spots that seem to stick and do not disappear even after wiping clean, then it is glass mold that can interfere with the driver’s visibility.

3. Cleaning the car after rain Rainwater

contains a pH that tends to be acidic which can affect the condition of the car glass surface. The best way to prevent mold from developing is to immediately wash and dry the car that has just been exposed to rain with a clean cloth.

4. Using a special glass mold cleaner

If the windshield is indicated to be moldy, the driver can remove it by using special cleaning chemicals for glass maintenance.

These cleaners are not only able to remove mold spots on car glass, but also restore the glass to a clear condition. Keep in mind, choosing a good quality and appropriate cleaning product will provide optimal results.

If you notice a significant buildup of condensation or even mold growth on the inside of your windshield, you can use a disinfectant to wipe it off. Usually, this will take care of it. However, if mold is growing on the window seals, it may have covered your entire door. This may require the door panel to be removed and cleaned at the same time as the auto glass replacement.

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