Facing the Theft Threats of “Bajing Loncat” with TransTRACK’s Trusted Safety Features

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Bajing Loncat

“Bajing Loncat” refers to a clever, agile, and nimble figure. However, unfortunately, this term has also been used to describe thieves who possess special skills in carrying out their criminal activities. These “Bajing Loncat” are capable of leaping over any obstacle and launching attacks without leaving clear traces.

In the face of theft threats posed by these “Bajing Loncat”, there is a need for effective and robust measures to safeguard our valuable assets. In this article, we will discuss several strategies and tactics that can be used to protect oneself from these “Bajing Loncat”.

Ensuring securely locked doors and utilizing advanced electronic seals, installing 360-degree surveillance cameras, and implementing door status detection systems are some of the steps that can be taken to confront the threats from “Bajing Loncat”. Additionally, installing cameras inside containers is also an important measure to strengthen surveillance systems and detect changes or suspicious actions.

However, these steps alone are not enough. In this article, we will also explore the latest solution offered by TransTRACK, namely the Fleet Management System (FMS). By utilizing FMS, we can leverage TransTRACK’s reliable security features, such as remote door locking, real-time door monitoring, accurate GPS tracking, as well as temperature, humidity, and shock detection. FMS helps optimize the security of container fleets, reduces the risk of loss, and improves operational efficiency.

So, let’s delve deeper into the steps we can take to confront the threat of “Bajing Loncat”. By involving reliable security solutions like TransTRACK’s FMS, we can protect our valuable assets with the speed and agility equivalent to those “Bajing Loncat” themselves.

What does “Bajing Loncat” mean?

“Bajing Loncat” refers to a thief who is very agile, nimble, or clever in carrying out criminal activities. In this case, “Bajing Loncat” depicts someone’s ability to commit theft quickly, without being detected, and is difficult to pursue.

The term “Bajing Loncat” also can refer to a thief’s ability to leap over or bypass obstacles, evade capture, or swiftly sneak away from the scene. This expression carries a negative connotation as it reflects someone’s skill and cunningness in committing criminal acts.

However, it is important to remember that “Bajing Loncat” in this context is an unofficial term and not an official term in law or policing.

How to Overcome the Problem of “Bajing Loncat”

To address the issue of “Bajing Loncat” or theft attempts carried out with cunning and agility, here are some steps that can be taken:

Locked Doors and E-seal Installation

Ensure that the container doors are securely and strongly locked. Use a secure key system that is difficult for thieves to break. Additionally, the installation of E-seals (electronic seals) can help detect any unauthorized attempts to open the container doors. E-seals utilize electronic technology to track and record every interaction with the doors, facilitating surveillance and security checks.

Utilize 360 Cameras

Install 360-degree surveillance cameras around the container storage area or places vulnerable to theft. These cameras provide comprehensive views and clear video recordings from every angle, making it easier to identify perpetrators and gather evidence in case of unwanted incidents.

Implement Door Status System

The installation of a Door Status system will help monitor and provide alerts if the container doors are opened without permission or in suspicious ways. This system detects changes in door status and immediately notifies the management or authorized personnel in the event of a violation.

Install Cameras Inside the Container

In addition to placing surveillance cameras outside the container, installing cameras on the inside can also enhance security. This enables direct monitoring of the goods stored inside the container and helps identify any suspicious changes or actions.

In addition to the above steps, it is important to develop effective security policies, including providing training to relevant staff or employees to enhance security awareness, conducting routine patrols, and collaborating with local authorities or security personnel to improve surveillance around the container storage area.

Maintaining good communication with involved parties, such as management, security personnel, and other relevant stakeholders, is crucial to promptly respond to and address “Bajing Loncat” issues quickly and effectively.

Utilize TransTRACK to Prevent “Bajing Loncat”

TransTRACK is a security and tracking system for containers designed to monitor and protect containers during shipping and storage. Several TransTRACK features can support the aforementioned steps, including:

  1. Locked Doors and E-seal Installation: TransTRACK provides a secure door locking feature that can be electronically monitored. This system allows users to lock and unlock doors remotely through digital devices. Additionally, TransTRACK supports the installation of electronic E-seals that provide information about door conditions, including any attempted break-ins.
  1. 360 Cameras and Door Status: TransTRACK can be integrated with 360-degree surveillance cameras, enabling real-time monitoring of the area surrounding the container. This provides extensive visibility and enhances monitoring capabilities. The Door Status feature in TransTRACK also sends notifications if container doors are opened or closed without authorization.
  1. Installation of Cameras Inside the Container: TransTRACK supports the installation of surveillance cameras inside the container. Users can monitor the items stored within the container and identify any suspicious changes or actions. This helps improve security levels and enables quick responses to unwanted incidents.

In addition to those features, TransTRACK also offers various other features that can enhance container security and tracking, such as temperature and humidity monitoring, vibration or shock event monitoring, and real-time GPS tracking to track the position and movement of containers.

By using TransTRACK, users can leverage advanced technology to enhance security and surveillance of containers, reduce the risk of theft or criminal activities, and provide better protection for the goods being shipped or stored in those containers.

To further enhance security and operational efficiency, TransTRACK recommends the use of their Fleet Management System (FMS). FMS is a comprehensive solution for managing the entire container fleet, utilizing TransTRACK’s flagship security features.

With TransTRACK’s FMS, users can take advantage of integrated security features such as remote door locking, door monitoring with Door Status, installation of 360-degree cameras, and cameras inside the containers. These features provide wide visibility, real-time monitoring, and automatic notifications in case of suspicious activities.

Furthermore, FMS also offers accurate GPS tracking, temperature and humidity monitoring, as well as shock or vibration detection, providing additional protection for the containers and valuable goods inside.

By utilizing the Fleet Management System from TransTRACK, users can optimize the security of their container fleet, reduce the risk of loss or theft, and improve operational efficiency. Moreover, with continuous monitoring and data analysis provided by FMS, users can identify patterns or suspicious events, enabling them to take better preventive measures in the future.
So, don’t hesitate to adopt the Fleet Management System from TransTRACK as a reliable solution to enhance the security and operational efficiency of your container fleet. Contact TransTRACK now for more information and prioritize security as a primary concern in your shipping and storage business.


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