Types of Mining Equipment that are Often Used and Their Functions

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There are many types of heavy mining equipment. There are many devices used in mining activities, ranging from manual equipment to large machines. This time we will focus our attention on various types of heavy mining equipment, different from all the mining equipment that you may encounter around the location. Check out the TransTRACK article below regarding mining tools and their functions that you should know.

Various Types of Heavy Mining Equipment

Carrying out mining operations requires the use of a large number of machines and vehicles to complete the task, although some of them are not strictly necessary for the core mining process.

Before starting the work phase, you need to involve various mining equipment such as excavators, dozers, graders and wheel loaders to build road infrastructure and access to the mining site. After that, service trucks become essential to ensure the smooth operation of all heavy equipment.

There is also the presence of an articulated garbage truck whose job is to transport leftover materials. Next, water trucks are used to maintain machines and reduce the amount of dust in certain areas.

Below are the types of heavy mining equipment that are often used:

Wheel Loaders

The first type of heavy equipment is the wheel loader, sometimes referred to as a front loader, wheel loaders play an important role in most mining activities and large construction projects.

In simple terms, this tool is a strong machine that is used to lift and carry materials such as rubble, soil, gravel, stones, and anything that needs to be cleaned from the mine site. When it comes to earthmoving, wheel loaders are among the most frequently used equipment in mining facilities.

Wheel loaders are equipped with a tool in the form of a front bucket that can be raised and lowered to lift heavy loads. There are various types of buckets, but basically they all have the same function, namely lifting and carrying materials from one place to another. Unlike some types of mining machines that run on rails, wheel loaders have four large wheels and a cab over them for the operator, allowing the driver a clear view of the front bucket.

Dozer Tracks

Tracked dozers are similar to wheel loaders in many aspects, but also have significant differences. First of all, they move using rails instead of wheels, thus providing better maneuverability in areas with uneven or rocky surfaces.

Second, the main function is slightly different. Instead of digging and lifting material to a certain height, dozers are used to push large amounts of material. While the front equipment isn’t as deep as a wheel loader’s bucket and doesn’t have the same large carrying capacity, you can use it to scrape material lower to the ground.

The tracks on this dozer help distribute the weight more evenly, providing superior thrust capabilities. This is why tracked dozers are often used on mining sites. Tracked dozers are useful for ripping and pushing coal, building roads, and moving heavy materials. In addition, they can clear paths effectively thanks to the blade on the front.

Articulated Dump Trucks

When the need to move large amounts of material simultaneously arises, articulated spill trucks become an indispensable solution. This is a type of mining machine commonly used to transport a variety of materials, from sand and gravel to crushed stone.

Articulated Dump Trucks, also known as spill trucks, consist of a front section or cab, as well as an articulating rear section, allowing for easier transportation of materials. Most articulated spill trucks have the capacity to transport materials weighing up to 30 tons.

Different from other mining equipment such as diggers, Articulated Dump Trucks are designed to be more similar to conventional trucks. This allows the truck to have excellent turning ability and be able to turn within a small radius. This feature provides operators with more flexibility, especially when operating in confined areas.


There are various types of excavators used in both the mining and construction industries, ranging from mini excavators for small jobs to much larger machines. This machine has become very commonly used because it has a variety of functions, including digging trenches, moving large materials, demolishing building structures, and other earthmoving applications.

Excavators generally operate on rails, which allows them to access areas and maneuver freely in places that are difficult for wheeled machines to reach.

Several types of excavators used in mining activities include backhoes, bucket wheel excavators, electric shovels, and dragline excavators. In the context of mining activities that are closely related to excavation, these machines become very important. They are capable of flowing hundreds of cubic meters of material every hour.

Whether you need a small excavator to move nimbly in tight spaces or a variant with a wider reach for hard-to-reach areas, excavators always feature precision, flexibility and speed in their operations.


This guide to mining equipment will increase your understanding of the types of equipment available and their common uses.

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