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Route Planning

Route Planning will help our business in controlling effective delivery. Then, how can Route Planning do that? You can read the following article for an explanation!

Route Planning, What is it?

Route planning is the process of creating a comprehensive plan for shipping goods from one place to another. The main goal of Route Planning is to complete the shipment while determining the most efficient method to save time, money, and fuel. With effective Route Planning, you can lower operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Some companies, such as those specializing in transportation and shipping, use Route Planning software to optimize route and schedule creation. Route Planning solutions allow companies to create customizable route suggestions, estimate delivery times, prepare for potential delivery restrictions, collaborate with drivers and carriers, and track shipments and driver performance. Route Planning tools can also be integrated with dispatch and field service management software.

Why is route planning important?

Route sequencing is an important process to bring more convenience to all drivers and increase business productivity. This process is essential for any company with logistics, routing, or field service needs. Here are some of the best reasons to have a Delivery Route Planning solution in our business.

Route Planning Can Cut Transportation Costs

One of the biggest challenges that many business owners face is higher transportation costs. They have to bear higher fuel costs and vehicle maintenance costs. And that’s just because of the following reasons:

  • Delivery vehicles idle in traffic jams
  • Drivers have to deal with long driving times due to unplanned travel routes
  • More chances of having the risk of wasting fuel when the vehicle is backing up
  • Higher vehicle wear and tear due to lack of fuel efficiency

To solve these problems, we need to include route optimization solutions in our business. With a Route Planning system, the process of creating routes becomes easier, and the Route Planning algorithm will help us determine routes to minimize transportation costs. In addition, the optimal route solution helps drivers with clear instructions, which will reduce overall transportation costs.

Route Planning Can Improve Customer Service

With new inventions in today’s technological world, customer expectations are rising to a higher level. It helps to provide Real Time Tracker for our customers, thanks to the technology of  GPS Tracker.

In short, customers need faster delivery and quick response time. These factors are critical to improving business productivity and also a better experience for customers. Customer experience is central to the success of any business.

Route planning software, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, helps us to achieve that goal.

Helps Us Do Better Planning

Planning is of utmost importance when our business is involved in multiple destinations, such as when a single day has to be on top of a growing pile of destinations.

Creating a better planning strategy makes it easier for us to manage deliveries to multiple destinations quickly and efficiently. Dynamic route optimization helps us organize all our destinations with multi-stop routes for the day.

Improved Business Productivity

Eventually, our business will have many tasks to do every day. However, to perform those tasks, the list of destinations will also grow gradually, making it difficult for us to cope with the situation. This will provide real time visibility into delivery operations and driver behavior.

Precise and accurate route optimization software helps us overcome these challenges. Today, Route Planner has more addresses and stops than ever before.

Creating a Route Planning will help us reach 20, 50, or even 100 places in a single day by considering various factors such as time frame, driver changes, number of stops, and even stop changes.

Safety Enhancement

Consider the scenario that we send drivers to reach a destination without any directions. This can result in loss of driving time, energy, and most importantly, stress as they have to deal with unfamiliar roads, traffic jams, road closures, and diversions.

This often makes drivers anxious, and there are more risks on the road, for themselves and others. Safety is a top-priority aspect that we need to focus on in our business, and that is made possible by having a clear route.

If we have planned routes, we and our drivers can easily predict alternative routes that are easy to use.

How route planning helps grow our business

Using a transportation management system that incorporates efficient route optimization and Route Planning tools can make a positive difference to the bottom line and daily performance of a logistics business. Here’s how Route Planning can help us grow the business itself.

Building customer experience

Planning the most optimized route is essential to ensure customers receive their packages at the specified time. Customer experience can be damaged if deliveries are delayed, if delivery times are unclear or drivers do not complete all their deliveries. This can damage the reputation of our business and damage relationships with customers. The last thing we want is for business to switch to a competitor, which will hurt our bottom line.

Route optimization can look at all the different locations a driver needs to visit and then figure out the most efficient way to complete the delivery. This allows us to improve customer service by allowing deliveries to be made faster within more specific timeframes. Improving customer experience can help retain existing jobs and give us a strong platform to grow our business and profits.

Save on operational costs

The only good news from poor route planning is that the big fuel companies are raking in the profits. Fuel is a major operating cost and inefficient use can reduce our profits – while filling the coffers of gasoline companies. We also want our drivers to spend more time on the road completing deliveries and less time idling.

Route optimization can ensure we get the most out of every liter of fuel by calculating the best route between locations. This will save us time, fuel and money. Less time on the road means less maintenance costs for the vehicle fleet as well.

Getting more profit from drivers

Profits can be increased when the number of deliveries per day made by each driver increases. But we don’t want more of the same deliveries, with longer driving hours. Which can cause driver fatigue and headaches. Route optimization will make more deliveries more efficient to increase our profits.

Increasing deliveries safely can be achieved by using Route Planning software to place drivers on the best routes in terms of mileage and travel time as well.

By using the  Fleet Management System on TransTRACK, drivers are empowered to optimize routes so they can place where they want to start, where they want to finish, and then they can optimize their routes for the day. They can even determine which jobs they want to do first, second or even last, and then optimize them within those constraints.

Start using Route Planning in  Fleet Management in TransTRACK, and leave all that ineffective planning behind!


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