Driver Identification, How does it Work and its Benefits?

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Driver Identification

Driver Identification has many benefits for its users. Then, how does it work and its benefits for drivers and companies? We will explain this in the following TransTRACK article!

Driver Identification, What is it?

How good a picture do we have of our company’s vehicle usage? If a company has a lot of machines and employees, keeping an eye on everything can be quite difficult. Vehicles have not been refueled or left dirty at the end of the day, there are fines for the company for speeding, and no one admits their mistakes. Sound familiar?

To avoid such problems and take advantage of the many other benefits, there is a solution for us to familiarize ourselves with this Identification.

This Identification allows drivers to be identified with RFID cards or magnetic keys before driving. It can even be said that this is an essential solution for companies with a shared vehicle fleet, as it provides the most accurate picture of the working hours and driving habits of the drivers.

Based on the collected information, it is easy to track vehicles, call drivers who violate traffic rules or even reduce the company’s engine costs. Drivers also don’t have to worry about filling out their driving logbooks, as reports are generated automatically based on the data collected by this Identification.

Overall, the introduction of Driver Identification in our company helps save work time and makes work organization smoother and more efficient.

How Driver Identification Works

We can also choose between two options for Driver Identification – RFID i.e. smart card, or I-button i.e. magnetic key Driver Identification. The solution works well and you can choose based on your preferred option.

In both cases, the identification is installed in the vehicle, where the driver has to place his smart card or magnetic key before starting the car. The card and key number are associated with a dedicated driver in this solution.

RFID cards

Card-based Driver Identification works on the same principle as, for example, a requested bank or access card. Therefore, there is no need to purchase a new card for Driver Identification, but any smart card that supports RFID can be used.

I-button or magnetic lock

The I-button works in the same way as the magnetic locks on the outside doors of many apartment buildings, which are placed in front of the reader on the phono lock.

Additional Driver Identification options

Now, there are also additional options for this Identification feature. The additional options are:


A sound signal (buzzer) can also be installed in the vehicle to remind users of the need for identification. This helps avoid forgetful drivers and ensures that all trips are recorded correctly. Once detected, the solution instantly shows in real-time who is using which vehicle. Driving information is also automatically entered into the logbook. The journey ends when the ignition switch is turned off.


Driver detection can be set so that the car cannot be started before a card or magnetic key is placed near the reader. In this case, the vehicle’s ignition circuit is cut off and the engine will not start. This serves as a great anti-theft solution!

Advantages of Using Driver Identification

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, what are the advantages we can get when using Driver Identification? You can read them below.

Controlling driver assignment

With the Automatic Driver Identification system, we know – with certainty – which driver is assigned to a vehicle at any given time, preventing unauthorized use of the vehicle after hours. In addition, we can receive an alarm if the driver is not identified when the vehicle starts the journey.

Complying with laws

Driver Identification also helps us comply with necessary laws regarding drivers, such as “duty of care” and “working time limits”, by recording and reporting their driving time.

Reduce costs and avoid vehicle misuse

If our fleet has a high rotation of drivers in the same vehicle, it is usually unknown who committed the violation or left the vehicle with damage. In addition, drivers who are not responsible for violations can pose serious risks and even unnecessary vehicle stops.

With an automated Driver Identification system, we can quickly identify violators and act accordingly. As a result, drivers will know that they are being monitored and thus change their driving behavior, reducing company costs and avoiding vehicle misuse in the long run.

Payroll automation

In addition, this type of system allows us to record the mileage traveled by each driver and automatically calculate the corresponding salary, if we need to implement mileage-based payroll.

If we need to avoid violations and keep track of which drivers are assigned to each specific trip, this Identification is the solution we need.

How to Make Driver Identification Work for Us?

Then, how can we make this Identification work properly? TransTRACK will explain it for you below.

Convenient calculation of working hours and wages

If the use of a vehicle is directly related to the driver’s duties, the use of Driver Identification is an easy way to accurately calculate working time and payment. For example, many agricultural and forestry companies have automated the calculation of work time through Driver Identification and a combination of geographic areas.

Suppose an employee is paid by the hour and is responsible for cutting down trees in a designated forest. The Driver Identification solution includes a forestry map where we can mark the designated area. The time of entering and exiting the area will be displayed in later reports. It is also possible to determine whether the driver was actually working during the time spent in the area (harvester head in working position) or the machine was idling.

Driver-based reports therefore provide a complete overview of driving time, machine operating hours, fuel consumption and much more that needs to be considered in a cost-benefit analysis.

Driving style

Economical driving is not only important for safety and nature conservation. More economical driving helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 25% and also ensures longer fleet life.

The ECO driving solution detects excessive speed, acceleration and sharp cornering, sudden braking, and engine idling. Based on the collected data, the solution evaluates the driver’s driving style with an ECO score. In terms of Driver Identification, the report pinpoints which employees are driving economically and which ones should take continuous driving training.

Such a solution has been chosen, for example, by Omniva, a postal service company with the largest car fleet in the Baltics, which rewards drivers with the best driving scores every month. Fuel and vehicle maintenance costs have decreased. By monitoring drivers’ driving styles, Bolt also improves customer safety and driver safety.

Driver Identification History

Driving history can be viewed in solutions of up to 7 years, so by using Driver Identification, we can see exactly who used which machine and when.

This may be necessary, for example, if a traffic violation has been committed and a fine sent to the company email. To find out the employee, it may be wise to let them pay for the mistake themselves. With Driver Identification solutions, one doesn’t have to look for the culprit for long.

If there is a problem with careless use of the vehicle, Driver Identification will also help locate the employee.

Driver Identification is a good solution for companies, as well as for drivers who want their safety to be guaranteed. For that, you can start to try this excellent feature through TransTRACK. You can enjoy this Driver Identification feature by installing  Fleet Management System and other products. Start using Driver Identification and enjoy the benefits!


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