Want to Buy a Car? Get to Know the Car Undercarriage Components First!

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Car undercarriage components are one of the crucial aspects that influence the performance of your vehicle. Even so, there are still many individuals who ignore the important role of this component. Apart from its role as a structural support, this element also has a significant role in determining your level of comfort when driving. Get to know more in this TransTRACK article!

8 Functions and Car Undercarriage Components System

Then, what are these elements? Below will be explained about the components included in the car undercarriage system.


The first and most visible element of the undercarriage system is the wheels. The main role of this component is very important, namely as a link between the engine or car body and the road surface. Without the wheels, the car cannot move.

Most cars are configured with four wheels, two at the front and two at the rear. This wheel section consists of several important components such as tires, wheels, and air valves.

Apart from functioning as a counterweight to the weight of the car and the engine while on the go, the wheels are components that have direct contact with the road. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the maintenance of wheel elements such as tires, wheels, and also air valves.

Shockbreaker (Suspension)

This component has a very vital role in the car, namely as an absorber of vibrations arising from the wheels and the road surface. If the suspension performance is optimal, the impact of uncomfortable vibrations can be significantly reduced, even minimized.

Tie Rods

Elements in the undercarriage system function to connect the steering wheel with the wheels, allowing the vehicle to maneuver left and right with ease. This tie rod has a round shape like a marble ball.

This tie rod has an equally important role in maintaining stability. This prevents play that can produce sound in the wheel section, and keeps the wheel in a stable position.

Usually, tie rods tend to loosen due to heavy impacts or long-term use. Damage to this component can usually be felt when driving on a bad road surface or potholes.

You can check the condition of the tie rods by using a jack to lift the car and rocking the wheels left and right. If there is abnormal movement, this may indicate a damage to the tie rod.

Shockbreaker Support

This element is located in the engine room area and its main function is to support the shockbreaker. Shockbreaker struts have a rounded shape and have a neck or bearing on the inside. It also has elasticity and is made of rubber which functions effectively in supporting the position of the shockbreaker.

Checking the state of these components can be started by checking the visuals. The intact rubber condition indicates that the component is still in good condition. Conversely, if there are cracks and hardness, this indicates that the component needs to be replaced immediately.

In addition, make sure that this component does not experience wear and tear. You can check by turning the steering wheel left and right. Signs of worn and damaged shockbreaker supports are annoying sounds.

Stabilizer and Stabilizer Hook

The Stabilizer Link is a component consisting of a piece of iron with a vertical orientation, the top of which is connected to the shockbreaker. Meanwhile, the stabilizer is a piece of iron that connects the bottom of the stabilizer link and is positioned parallel to the ground.

To start the examination, you can give it a light blow with your hand. An indication of a problem with this component is if you feel a vibration when making a blow. A common cause of damage to this component is damage to the rubber bearing.

Forearm (Lower arm)

This is a component made of sturdy metal, given two rubber pads on the front and back. As time goes by and the use of the car, these rubber pads tend to experience a decrease in quality, so they need to be replaced periodically.

Ball Joints

As the name suggests, this element has a shape similar to a small ball and functions like a joint. These ball joints are placed in place of the wheels and are connected directly to the wheels. The main role of the ball linkage is to keep the wheels engaged with the vehicle frame and not fall off.

The simplest way to identify damage to the elements of the undercarriage system of this car is when the front tires cross potholes or jagged roads, abnormal vibrations will be heard.

Apart from that, you can also form your own hypothesis when you are going to park and the steering wheel is driven to the maximum limit. When the car is directed forward, you will feel the sensation as if the car is “slipping” on the front wheels.


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