For Transportation Company Business License, TransTRACK Provides Vehicle Safety Solutions

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Guna Izin Usaha Perusahaan Angkutan, TransTRACK Beri Solusi Keselamatan Kendaraan

Surabaya (18/07/2023) – Safety is the main thing when driving. Meanwhile, accidents can happen anywhere every day. In an effort to minimize accidents, this time TransTRACK together with Ang Ufong as Deputy Head of Caretaker DPC APTRINDO Surabaya, and Agung Heru Prasongko as Head of the Road Transportation Facilities Section of the East Java Province Transportation Service held a seminar “Success of SMK with APTRINDO & TransTRACK”.

Currently, the Department of Transportation mandates that organizations that transport both commodities and people need a “Risk-Based Business Permit” business license in order to operate. SMK is listed as one of the prerequisites in Mr. Agung Heru Prasongko’s presentation in order to be eligible to apply for a “Risk-Based Business Permit” business license that consists of a Business Identification Number (NIB) and a common certificate on OSS-RBA for public transportation.

Going deeper into the Safety Management System, public freight and people transportation companies are required to have 10 elements of SMK before applying for a permit to obtain an NIB. By having this verified standard certificate/permit, companies that own vehicles will be given an Allocation Recommendation letter to be able to get general motorized vehicle tax incentives.

“A designation recommendation letter can be used to obtain tax incentives for public motorized vehicles,” said Agung Heru Prasongko, Head of the Road Transportation Facilities Section of the East Java Province Transportation Service.

As for the requirements for applying for NIB verification and standard certificates apart from the SMK itself, the vehicle must be equipped with GPS, ADAS cameras, and other security systems. That way TransTRACK presents a Fleet Operation Optimizer and a Supply Chain Integrator to be able to help meet all the necessary requirements.

As explained by Anggia Meisesari as the CEO & Founder of TransTRACK, it was explained that these requirements can be fulfilled with the TransTRACK features such as GPS Tracker to track vehicles in real-time, Immobilizer to monitor vehicles remotely, ADAS Cam to monitor the condition around the vehicle, Drivers Fatigue to warn the driver if the driver is sleepy, and other excellent safety features.

“TransTRACK has reliable safety features to fulfill the implementation of a Safety Management System for vehicles” said Anggia Meisesari, CEO & Founder of TransTRACK.

In line with the obligations of the Department of Transportation, TransTRACK has been integrated with the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia system which supports the issuance of route permits for passenger transportation. In addition, the platform owned by TransTRACK can be integrated with other systems to make it easier for companies to operate.

TransTRACK has accident compensation for users of TransTRACK equipment who experience death or permanent disability of Rp. 100 million per two people for each incident, as well as medical compensation of Rp. 5 million per person for each incident if injuries occur. With this in mind, TransTRACK also has the same goal as the Department of Transportation to improve safety for road users.