TransTRACK Presents at BEX 2023, Features Fleet Telematics Solution

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BEX 2023

Balikpapan (01/11/2023) – The oil and gas industry is one of the largest economic resources in Indonesia. Through Balikpapan Industrial Expo 2023 (BEX 2023), various companies participated in this exhibition to introduce their products that can help optimize the productivity of the oil and gas industry. One of them is TransTRACK which is here to provide a Fleet Telematics Solution to improve the safety of workers and their performance.

This exhibition is the largest event in Kalimantan for the oil and gas industry category, which is held from November 01, 2023 to November 03, 2023. For the venue, Balikpapan Industrial Expo 2023 (BEX 2023) is held at Balikpapan Sports & Convention Center (DOME).

With over 4000 visitors and more than 100 companies in the oil and gas, offshore, mining, and power industries, the exhibition has penetrated the largest industrial market in Kalimantan.

Through this event, TransTRACK provides innovative solutions for mining by improving driver safety, reducing accident risk, managing fleets more efficiently, and controlling operational costs.

TransTRACK focuses on the field of Fleet Telematics Optimization by introducing some of its flagship products such as Fleet Management System to remote the fleet, Transportation Management System to track transactions in shipping, Truck Appointment System as a solution to reduce truck queues to speed up the unloading process.

TransTRACK also presents flagship features in the mining world such as  Advanced Driver Assistance System for monitoring the environment around the vehicle by providing visual and audible warnings to the driver. Then there is the Driver Monitoring System which is used to provide warnings if the driver is fatigued or not alert. Speed Buzzer which provides audible warnings to the driver if exceeding the speed limit, Speed Limiter to limit the maximum speed of the vehicle, and Fuel Monitoring to measure the fuel level in the machine tank.

More in-depth about TransTRACK, TransTRACK uses a global SIM card network that can be used in any region and country without having to change SIM cards if you are in a certain place. Companies using TransTRACK have had a 40% increase in productivity and a 30% reduction in overtime,fuel costs, mileage, and idle driver time.

TransTRACK itself also has accident compensation for users who use the TransTRACK tool with compensation of 5 million per person for those who are injured, and 50 million for those who experience permanent disability and death.