In Efforts to Develop Digital Tourism in Bali, TransTRACK® Implements a Safety Management System

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Bali (13/09/2023) – In order to increase the role of the Governor as a representative of the Central Government regarding the implementation of Deconcentration for the 2023 Fiscal Year, TransTRACK attended the Coordination Meeting of Government and Development Activities between Provincial and Regency/City Regions in Bali, through Increasing Regional-Based Competitiveness Regional and National Strategic with the Digital Tourism Theme, “Development of Digital Tourism in the Context of Increasing Regional Competitiveness Based on Regional and National Strategic”.

The digital tourism event was held at Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar, Jalan Danau Tamblingan No. 99A, Sanur-Denpasar, Sanur, Bali. Through this event, TransTRACK was also present to provide solutions related to the development of digital tourism with a Fleet Management System.

The event discussed the tourism transportation labeling system for the province of Bali, Kreta Bali Smita. This labeling system is the idea of the Bali provincial government to create security and comfort for tourists visiting Bali. This standardization of labels will improve services & business for tourism transport entrepreneurs.

Each tourism vehicle will be reviewed starting from the aspects of administration, security, safety, comfort, affordability and regularity. Vehicles that pass the test will be given a label which means the vehicle has been declared safe for use in tourism transportation.

One of the requirements for this labeling is the use of a Fleet Management System that can monitor the location and journey of each tourism vehicle, driver behavior and fuel use to ensure passenger safety and comfort, and vehicle operational efficiency.

Through the Indonesian Intelligence Transport System organization, TransTRACK was appointed to provide a tourism vehicle labeling system in the province of Bali. TransTRACK itself provides a vehicle management system that can monitor the location on the journey of each tourism vehicle.

The Fleet Management System from TransTRACK acts as a remote for the fleet so that companies can fully control the fleet remotely. The company can also monitor fuel usage, driver condition, 2-way communication, and other reliable features.

TransTRACK has GPS Tracker, Immobilizer, 2-Way Communication, Driver Fatigue, and other trusted safety features to make a powerful Safety Management System. With this capability, corporations can remotely monitor the vehicle’s location, the driver’s behavior in the vehicle, interact with the driver without holding the cellphone, and turn off the engine remotely if something untoward happens.

In line with the Department of Transportation for tourism vehicle regulations, TransTRACK also has a Safety Management System (SMK), especially its flagship safety features. The implementation of this SMK also starts from the Labeling system for public transportation in Bali which will be useful for increasing the safety of drivers and passengers, stopping the practice of cartels and syndicates of tourism actors in implementing irrational commissions.

TransTRACK technology is also supported by Global SIM Cards to reduce blank spots (loss of cellular network connection) and provide a more complete travel history. TransTRACK also uses Artificial Intelligence in the Fuel Sensor to increase fuel monitoring accuracy up to 98%, higher than fuel sensors found in GPS systems in general. What’s more, TransTRACK has also been integrated with the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation’s system which makes it possible to grant permits for passenger transport routes.