Find Out How the Digital Era of Suttle Company with TransTRACK!

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Jakarta (25/01/2024) – PT Bhinneka Sangkuriang Transport or commonly known as Bhisa, this time shared with  TransTRACK through a webinar entitled “The World of Land Transportation: The Digital Age of Suttle Companies”. As the title suggests, this webinar discusses how land transportation, like suttle buses, in creating a more comfortable public transportation ecosystem in the digital era itself.

Bhisa was founded in 1972 using regular buses with a coverage of Sukabumi, Bandung, Cirebon, and Bekasi, which later spread to 16 cities through its shuttle bus service, which until now has a fleet of more than 200 buses. For its products, Bhisa has services in the form of shuttle buses, same day package delivery between cities, open trips and tours, AKAP buses, and cargo.

In this digital era, Bhisa has innovated to continue developing its services by digitizing bus bookings and their services, through the official Bhisa application without having to go through other applications. Not only that, Bhisa’s efforts to digitize their services can be seen from their fleets that have started using TransTRACK services.

TransTRACK’s Fuel Monitoring feature is used by Bhisa to monitor fuel usage. Moreover, this feature can be used for cost savings in fuel usage. The company can also monitor employees to prevent fraudulent use of fuel while in the field.

In addition to the fuel monitoring feature, Bhisa also uses a GPS Tracker with a Global SIM Card from TransTRACK which is used for real time vehicle tracking, vehicle performance monitoring, trip monitoring, and route and delivery optimization. This TransTRACK Global SIM Card can be used in any area without fear of losing signal while tracking.

TransTRACK also has other flagship security features that can be used for land transportation such as ADAS Camera which can be used to prevent losses and accidents, passenger counters to prevent fraud in transactions, seatbelt sensors if the driver is not using the seatbelt properly, driver fatigue which is used to monitor the driver if he is sleepy, unfocused, or smoking on the trip, and other security features.

For fleet maintenance or repair, Bhisa has its own system to manage their fleet digitally, depending on the type of fleet. Bhisa is also assisted by TransTRACK in monitoring the maintenance of vehicle tools and machinery in the event of a breakdown.

TransTRACK has a  Vehicle Maintenance System that can be used to schedule vehicle repairs so that each fleet remains in top condition when traveling. Not just a scheduling system, TransTRACK’s VMS is also used for maintenance monitoring, maintenance alerts, spare parts inventory management, and vehicle performance analysis.

In addition to travel safety, Bhisa has travel insurance using Jasa Raharja insurance and private insurance for loss. In addition, Bhisa’s entire fleet, which uses the TransTRACK tool, is covered with accident compensation in case something goes wrong while traveling.

Accident compensation from TransTRACK is given at 5 million per person for those who are injured, and 50 million per person (maximum of 3 people) for those who experience death and permanent disability.