Explore the Impact of Community on the Logistics Industry with NLC and TransTRACK®!

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Kupas Tuntas Dampak Komunitas pada Industri Logistik Bersama NLC dan TransTRACK!

Jakarta (04/10/2023) – Community is important in relationships between business actors. The National Logistics Community or what is usually called NLC is a forum for logistics players in Indonesia. This time, TransTRACK together with NLC held a webinar entitled, “Community Impact on the Logistics Industry”.

Together with Rizki Utomo as Secretariat General of the National Logistic Community and Rifki Darmawan as VP of Sales & International Affairs TransTRACK who explained what the current problems in the logistics industry are and how to solve them.

NLC itself is a community that is not only for getting to know each other, but is also useful for establishing easier cooperation, getting better prices, and more respected relationships with government. Apart from that, the community was also formed to increase the efficiency of the supply chain in Indonesia.

According to Rizki Utomo, the NLC community is filled with logistics industry players from Sabang to Merauke. Its members consist of 1400 members with the same vision, namely wanting to increase productivity and effectiveness by digitalizing the logistics sector.

Currently, the problem of NLC members is none other than the price issue. With this community, logistics players can finally compare market prices and compete fairly among members.

Continuing with Rifki Darmawan’s opinion, problems in the logistics sector consist of late deliveries, theft, bad drivers, accidents, unscheduled maintenance, waste of fuel, and poor integration.

With the problems faced by TransTRACK and the NLC members, TransTRACK has a solution for the logistics players themselves. With the Fleet Management System, business actors can control the fleet, drivers and cargo in one system. There is a Transportation Management System that is used to track delivery transactions better, a Truck Appointment System to reduce truck queues and speed up the process of loading and unloading goods, a Vehicle Maintenance System for scheduling fleet repairs, and a logistics integration solution, namely Supply Chain Integrator as an end to end solution for shippers, carriers, and 3PL companies.

Together with TransTRACK’s superior products, there are mainstay features such as E-Seal which is a cargo padlock with flexible lock system technology and can be tracked in real-time. There is also Driver Fatigue which is used to detect drivers who are sleepy, smoking, or other things, a Fuel Sensor feature to control fuel consumption, a Speed Buzzer and Limiter to limit driving speed, and other features.

Apart from its flagship features, TransTRACK’s advantages include providing accident compensation for vehicles that experience accidents while using TransTRACK products. Compensation of 5 million is given per person in each incident for drivers and passengers who suffer minor injuries, and 50 million per person will be given if the driver and passenger suffer permanent disability up to death.

With products that have reliable features that support the world of logistics, TransTRACK believes that the world of logistics can achieve a higher level of productivity and better performance efficiency.