TransTRACK Customer Gathering, Bring Fleet Digitalization with Dishub Jateng!

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Customer Gathering Semarang

Semarang (28/02/2024) – Safety and security of passengers and goods are the top priorities during travel. Therefore, as an effort to improve it, TransTRACK and the Central Java Transportation Agency held a Customer Gathering entitled, “Leveraging Operation with Enhancing Road Safety & Fleet Efficiency”.

Through this Customer Gathering event, TransTRACK together with the Central Java Transportation Agency invited passenger and goods transportation business actors to immediately digitize their fleets, in order to improve security and safety. Supported by technology based on Artificial Intelligence  (AI) and  Internet of Things  (IoT), solutions from TransTRACK can be used for various industrial sectors ranging from transportation, logistics, to security management for heavy equipment in mining.

Erry Derima Ryanto, head of the Road Traffic Division of the Central Java Provincial Transportation Agency as Acting. Head of the Central Java Provincial Transportation Office said, “With TransTRACK, we can digitize vehicle fleets that have similar efforts to the Central Java provincial government. We have also implemented solutions from TransTRACK as an effort to reduce fatalities and accident rates.”

TransTRACK’s solution is a Fleet Management System with several flagship safety features such as  Driver Monitoring System (DMS) to monitor driver activity, security cameras such as CCTV placed inside and outside the vehicle, Road Hazart Alert which will alert the driver of potential road hazards, and also Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) which can reduce the risk of accidents through sensor systems.

Rifki Darmawan, Vice President of Sales & International Affairs explained, “The increasing challenges for industry players in the transportation and logistics sector in this digital era, makes TransTRACK want to continue to improve and create a more efficient and safe transportation fleet ecosystem.”

As an opinion of TransTRACK customers, Sigit Aprianto, as the head of the Sarpras division of the UPTD Trans Semarang BLU gave positive feedback, “We use the camera feature from TransTRACK installed on our vehicles. This feature really helps us in monitoring the operational condition of the bus in real-time. In addition, TransTRACK’s customer care service is very responsive to address all our needs. In addition, maintenance and repair of equipment from TransTRACK is also carried out very quickly if there are problems”

“We also feel the benefits of being a TransTRACK customer. In addition to the benefits of telematics in fleet monitoring, we also feel the advantages of TransTRACK through the accident compensation we recently received of Rp 100,000,000 for the accident that befell the driver of our fleet of vehicles,” said Yanuar Andika Ramadhan, Commissioner of PT Mina Mandiri Sejahtera Trans.

TransTRACK currently covers more than 100 cities in Indonesia and 25 cities in Malaysia, with the intention to expand in Southeast Asia. TransTRACK has also served more than 900 clients with 100,000+ units in various industry sectors.

TransTRACK’s accident compensation, We Care TransTRACK, provides compensation of 5 million per person, which will be given per incident if the driver or passenger suffers minor injuries, and 50 million per person will be given per incident if the driver suffers permanent disability or death.