Check Out Aragon Transport and TransTRACK®’s Preparations for The Year-End Holidays!

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Aragon Transport x TransTRACK

Jakarta (09/11/2023) – Aragon Transport and TransTRACK are ready for the year-end holidays. Year-end vacation is a tradition for every family. With the title “Fleet Preparation for the Year-End Holiday”, the webinar  TransTRACK which was presented by Rifky Darmawan as VP of Sales & International Affairs from TransTRACK discussed how preparations can be made for the world of land transportation to face all the challenges during the year-end holidays.

Together with Leonard Stephen Jonatan, as President Director of PT Nusa Bina Prestasi or commonly referred to as Aragon Transport, explained how Aragon Transport deals with the surge in orders for public transport trips at the end of the year.

“Not just for the year-end holidays, Aragon always prioritizes passenger safety. Starting from the maintenance of the entire fleet, cleanliness, health issues that should not be ignored, and still maintaining the quality of passenger service,” said Jonathan.

Aragon Transport itself is a public transportation service company that focuses on a fleet of shuttle buses, travel buses, rentals, and express packages. The number of outlets has reached 14 outlets spread across Indonesia.

Jonathan explained that the challenge Aragon Transport is currently facing is the ever-increasing costs. Both in terms of investment and operational costs. Therefore, the solution applied is to minimize costs without reducing service quality with ticket prices that are still competitive and affordable.

In addition, other problems also exist in payment methods that are still done manually such as paying directly to the driver. Which can make fraud in the payment deposit system.

TransTRACK provides solutions for every land and sea fleet problem. With the Aragon Transport problem, TransTRACK provides solutions in the form of Passenger Counting and ADAS Cam. Passenger Counting itself is used to count the number of passengers boarding and entering the bus, so that if there is an overload of passengers, this system will detect it.

As for the ADAS Camera, it can also help the central team in operation and supervision in case of fraud in passenger counting or if there are objects in front of the vehicle, vehicles that are too close to the road shoulder, or the introduction of traffic signs.

In addition, TransTRACK also provides  Route Optimization which is used to find the most efficient path to reduce fuel costs as well. Then there is Fuel Monitoring which is used to monitor fuel whether it is used according to the route traveled or not.

On the other hand, TransTRACK itself is not ignoring the problems of Aragon Transport. The year-end holiday surge will be a very crucial time considering every obstacle that public transportation faces during the holidays. For this reason, TransTRACK is also always ready with 24/7 Customer Care during these crucial times. Starting from complaints about the fleet, to if there are problems during the trip.

Moreover, TransTRACK has a maintenance scheduling system that is flexible by following the empty schedule of the fleet to be repaired. In preparation for the High Season later this year, TransTRACK has also been using Global SIMCard which can minimize signal loss when the fleet is in an area with poor signal.

Aragon also mentioned that fleet digitization is very important at this time. Where every monitoring can be done online and through various device by using TransTRACK’s platform.  The benefits felt by Aragon Transport are very large. Starting from the tracking system that can be monitored in real-time to maintenance of vehicles that are carried out on a scheduled basis.

Every transportation company needs digitization. But most of these companies say that the use of GPS is a fairly large investment. So TransTRACK has a solution with rental payments without having to buy these digitization tools.

As a consideration for customers, TransTRACK provides a cooperation system in the form of a subscription contract for 12 to 60 months, with subscription fees depending on the features that users want to use, ranging from >Rp 100,000 to >Rp 2,000,000 / unit each month.

To support the preparation of this High Season, TransTRACK will also provide accident compensation of IDR 50 million per person for those who experience permanent disability or death. And IDR 5 million per person for those who are injured during an accident. The compensation will be given per incident provided that they are using TransTRACK products.