Year End Holiday with Balideva Transport, Prepare Safety with TransTRACK!

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Jakarta (14/12/2023) – The end of the year is the perfect time to take a long family vacation. For this reason, public transportation also needs careful preparation in handling the high session at the end of this year. Together with I Wayan Januarta Yasa, as the Operational Manager of Balideva Transport, TransTRACK conducted a webinar entitled “The World of Land Transportation: Let’s Have a Year-End Holiday!” which discusses what preparations and obstacles are faced for public transportation tourism during the year-end holidays.

Balideva Transport itself has been running for 9 years with 16 total units operated. Tourists can rent Balideva’s public transportation in the form of mini vans, mini buses, medium buses, big buses, and passenger cars for their year-end trip.

In preparation for the end of the year, Balideva Transport procured units by releasing 1 additional bus of medium bus size. Due to the high traffic and congestion during the year-end holidays, especially in the Bali area, Balideva Transport also ensures that their entire fleet is in good condition, competitively priced, and safety guaranteed.

With the return of tourism in Bali after the pandemic, the constraints for the tour bus owners themselves lie in the provision of service, the provision of good vehicles and the implementation of safety standards from the Ministry of Transportation. Apart from the tourism public transportation providers, tourists must also be selective in choosing vehicles related to legality and licensing. This is because there are many frauds in the provision of vehicles such as inappropriate vehicles, different drivers, incomplete licenses, and other frauds.

For the obstacles experienced by tourists, Balideva has collaborated with TransTRACK in terms of licensing, which has been integrated with the Ministry of Transportation. Which means, Balideva has implemented the safety standards of the Ministry of Transportation itself. In addition, the use of the TransTRACK platform can track the condition and location of vehicles, bad and fraudulent drivers, and traffic conditions themselves.

Balideva Transport also feels the benefits generated after using TransTRACK such as the Two Way Communication feature that can be used to contact drivers without having to use a telephone. They do not need to confirm the driver’s current location, which may distract the driver from driving, because the vehicle can be monitored directly through the TransTRACK platform.

Apart from the operational side, TransTRACK has also helped Balideva with complete features, technicians who are fast response, and customer care who are ready 24 hours to solve problems with vehicles installed with TransTRACK equipment.

The tips given by Balideva Transport for a better tourism transportation business are, transportation business owners can improve better service and commitment in running a business, as well as increasing passenger safety and comfort.

With many natural tourist destinations in Bali that reach remote areas, TransTRACK has provided  Hybrid GPS which can be used to reach areas with difficult signals such as remote areas, mountains, high seas, and other natural destinations.

To support the preparation of this High Season, TransTRACK will also provide accident compensation of IDR 50 million per person for those who experience permanent disability or death. And IDR 5 million per person for those who are injured during an accident. The compensation will be given per incident provided they are using TransTRACK products.


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