Ahead of Hari Raya, Check Out How Indah Logistik and TransTRACK are Preparing!

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Indah Logistik WEBINAR 21 Maret 2024

Jakarta (03/20/2024) – Shipments of goods ahead of the holidays will certainly increase. Every logistics industry must prepare itself so that shipments remain on time and there is no damage. For this reason, Ade Maryanto, as Head of the Indah Group Operations Division together with Rifki Darmawan, as VP of Sales & International Affairs TransTRACK prepared themselves which was discussed through a webinar entitled, “Preparation for the Surge in Shipments Ahead of Hari Raya”.

Through this webinar, Indah Logistik has prepared itself by not only making land shipments, but also by air and water. Indah Logistik also manages their working hours with extra time so that the delivery of goods itself will not be interrupted.

By maintaining good operations, Indah Logistik also has calculations for the right delivery of goods, a roadworthy fleet, and excellent driver conditions. Various kinds of service options can also be felt by customers according to their needs.

In addition, Indah Logistik also collaborates with TransTRACK which maximizes the Internet of Things (IoT) technology for fleet drivers and customer needs through TransTRACK’s Fleet Management System.

By using TransTRACK itself, Indah Logistik has felt all the needs that are more systematized, fleet tracking positions that are real-time without having to contact the driver first, accurate mileage calculations so that it can save fuel costs, and driver behavior can also be monitored. In addition, vehicle maintenance is also very well maintained thanks to a good maintenance scheduling system.

“TransTRACK has the features that Indah Logistik needs. Moreover, TransTRACK can help achieve Indah Logistik’s vision for faster delivery with the right information and more guaranteed security,” said Ade Maryanto, Head of the Indah Group Operations Division.

The rates provided by Indah Logistik with other shipments are also competitive. To be able to get a discount, Indah Logistik has also offered promos on certain days. And if the shipment does not arrive on time, the customer can file a claim so that Indah Logistik can provide 100% compensation in accordance with applicable terms and conditions.

In addition, TransTRACK has also prepared for the holidays with service based on the location of the customer’s fleet, which TransTRACK itself has served more than 100 cities in Indonesia, as well as Customer Care which is always ready 24/7 to serve customers.

TransTRACK also provides other products that can be used for the logistics industry such as Door Sensor to ensure the safety of goods while traveling in  real-time, Temperature Sensor which is used to monitor the quality of temperature-sensitive goods, E-Seal to lock cargo by unlocking through a central system and RFID card, Driver Fatigue and Behaviour to monitor driver fatigue and behavior during the trip.

Not just for the logistics world, TransTRACK also serves every industry that needs integration for their fleet. There are more benefits, including a large enough service area cover, faster maintenance service, tools that use Global SIM Cards, and accident compensation.

“We Care” accident compensation is given to the driver, conductor and one passenger who has an accident during the trip. Rp 50 million per person in case of death and permanent disability, and Rp 5 million per person in case of minor injuries.