10th ASPERDA, Encourages Car Rental Entrepreneurs to Use TransTRACK Solution

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HARLAH ke-10 ASPERDA, Ajak Pengusaha Rental Mobil Gunakan Solusi TransTRACK

Balikpapan (28/10/2023) – The Regional Car Rental Entrepreneurs Association or commonly referred to as ASPERDA, held a National Grand Event to commemorate the 10th community formation day with the title, “Exploring the Potential for Profitable Investment in the National Capital (IKN)”. Which, this event was attended by more than 300 car rental entrepreneurs, with an event filled by TransTRACK, one of them as a Tech-Enabler company that provides Fleet Telematics Solution and Supply Chain Integrator.

By inviting all members of car rental entrepreneurs in Indonesia, it is hoped that through this event each member can witness, oversee, and take part in utilizing profitable investment opportunities in this IKN project.

Through TransTRACK, car rental entrepreneurs are invited to further increase productivity and reduce their business losses. TransTRACK digitization has been tested by 30% of companies that have experienced a reduction in overtime, fuel costs, travel time, and idle time. And 40% of companies have experienced increased productivity, profits, and fleet safety.

Fleet Telematics and Supply Chain Integrator are the solutions offered by TransTRACK. Starting from Fleet Management System, Transportation Management System, Truck Appointment System, to  Logistic Service Integrator are offered through this event.

The features introduced for rental cars are no less interesting than other fleet telematics. TransTRACK has features such as Driver Identification, GPS Tracker, Fuel Sensor, Speed Limiter, Vehicle Camera, Speed Reminder, 2-Way Communication, Remote Immobilizer, Driver Behavior, Dual Protection, Driver Fatigue Monitor, and many other features.

Moreover, TransTRACK has accident compensation that will be given to the company, amounting to 5 million per person per incident for those with minor injuries, and 50 million per person per incident for those with permanent disability and death.

In line with ASPERDA ‘s event, by using solutions from  TransTRACK, rental car businesses can also explore the potential for more profitable investments with TransTRACK’s best features that can optimize productivity and profits by saving fuel, reducing idle time, precise scheduling, and better fleet security.