Definition of FMCG, Types of Products and Examples of Companies in Indonesia

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We may have heard the term FMCG many times in our daily lives. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods is a term that refers to products that have a fast movement in the market. In our daily lives, we often use a variety of products, but do not realize that these products are included in FMCG products. Maybe you are wondering what fmcg products are?

Well, on this occasion  TransTRACK will discuss what FMCG is, the types of products to examples of companies in Indonesia. So, for those of you who want to know more about FMCG, read this article until the end!

What is FMCG?

FMCG is more than just a collection of letters, it is an abbreviation that has an extension. FMCG stands for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, a term that refers to consumer products that have a fast turnover in the market. This means that these products have a high turnover rate from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the consumer’s hands. It is this speed of movement that gives rise to the term “fast-moving”.

This speed is not only limited to physical distribution, but also includes the rate of stock turnover and consumer demand. This rapid product turnover is influenced by the high public demand for a product. FMCG products are usually daily necessities that have high repeat orders, so it is not surprising that the turnover is very fast.

What are FMCG Products?

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods products cover a wide range of categories, and each category has unique consumer needs. Some of the FMCG product categories include:

Food and Beverages

These products include all kinds of ready-to-eat meals, packaged drinks, snacks, and food products that have a fast usage cycle. Examples include instant noodles, instant coffee, packaged milk, soft drinks, chocolate, chips, and biscuits. The uniqueness of these products lies in their ability to fulfill daily nutritional needs with practicality and speed of consumption.

Personal Care

This category includes a range of personal hygiene and self-care products. These products are designed to fulfill daily needs, including body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and skincare products. Due to their quick-saving nature, consumers often purchase these products on a regular basis.

Health and Nutrition

Health and nutrition products in the FMCG category include dietary supplements, vitamins, mild medicines, and similar products. Consumers often purchase these products to maintain and improve their health, and demand may change according to health and lifestyle trends.

Household Products

This category includes products used for daily household cleaning and maintenance. Detergents, floor cleaners, deodorizers, and other cleaning products fall under FMCG household products. Since they are used regularly, they have a high turnover rate.

Children and Baby Supplies

Products such as diapers, formula, ready-to-eat baby food, and baby care products fall under this category. As the needs of babies and children change as they grow, these products are often purchased regularly by parents. Because of the high usage of these products, it is also not uncommon for parents to buy them in large quantities for stock.

Examples of FMCG Companies in Indonesia

Indonesia has a number of leading FMCG companies that play an important role in fulfilling the daily needs of consumers. Here are some examples of FMCG companies in Indonesia along with a brief overview of their product portfolios:


Indofood is known as one of the largest food producers in Indonesia. The company produces various ready-to-eat food products, such as Indomie (the famous instant noodle), Supermi, and Sarimi. In addition, Indofood also has products in the beverage and processed food categories, making it one of the major players in the FMCG sector in Indonesia.

Mayora Indah

Mayora Indah is an Indonesian company that is well-known in the production of food and beverages. Its products include biscuits (KOKOLA, Roma), coffee (Torabika), and wafers (Astor). With its wide product range, Mayora Indah is one of the major players in the FMCG industry in the country.

Kino Indonesia

Kino Indonesia focuses on the production of various health and beauty products. Its flagship brands include skincare products (ZAP), mild medicines (Tolak Angin), and health supplements (Tropicana Slim). Kino Indonesia continues to innovate in providing products that meet the needs of modern consumers both nationally and internationally.


GarudaFood is known for its snacks and snack products. Brands such as Gery, Chocolatos, and Leo are the consumers’ choice in the biscuits, chocolate, and nuts categories. GarudaFood has successfully created a product portfolio that combines local and international flavors.

FMCG not only affects consumers but also has a huge impact on the business world. The speed of product turnover creates unique challenges and opportunities for FMCG companies. Product availability must be well maintained, and product innovation is key to capturing the attention of the ever-changing consumer.

Due to its fast-paced nature, efficient distribution is a top priority for FMCG companies. A good supply chain system is essential to ensure products reach consumers quickly. This includes efficient inventory management, warehouse management, and sophisticated distribution strategies.

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