5 Tips for Safe Perishable Goods Shipping and Transportation!

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Perishable Goods

Perishable goods pose unique challenges in the world of logistics and shipping. From fresh food to pharmaceutical products, maintaining quality and freshness during the journey from producer to consumer requires careful planning and handling.

In this TransTRACK article, we will dive into the complexities and special needs associated with shipping perishable goods. From the packaging process to choosing the right means of transportation, each step has a significant impact on shipping success and customer satisfaction.

Let’s explore the best strategies to meet these challenges and ensure that perishable goods reach their final destination under optimal conditions. With the latest technologies and solutions, we can create a more efficient and secure supply chain for goods that can’t be late and can’t spoil.

What are perishable goods?

Goods that can decay or spoil quickly are referred to as perishable goods in English. These goods are susceptible to physical, chemical, or biological changes that can result in deterioration or spoilage. Common examples of these goods include food products such as fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, and other foodstuffs that require special handling and storage to keep them fresh and safe for consumption.

The longevity of these perishable goods usually depends on factors such as temperature, humidity, transportation handling, and storage time. To maintain the quality and safety of perishable goods, companies and retailers often have to implement efficient supply chains and careful storage practices to ensure that they reach consumers in good condition.

Tips for safely shipping perishable goods

Here are some safe tips for shipping perishable goods:

Prepare the Required Equipment

Make sure you have the necessary equipment such as waterproof shipping boxes, thermal insulation materials, coolers, and thermometers. This equipment can help maintain the condition of the goods during the shipping process.

Keep Temperature and Humidity Stable

Check the specific requirements of the items you are shipping. Some items require the right temperature and humidity to stay fresh. Use appropriate coolers or thermal insulation materials to maintain the desired temperature.

Standard Packing

Ensure that the goods are packed carefully and in accordance with the applicable packaging standards. Choose strong and waterproof packing materials to protect the goods from impact and external elements.

Fill the Empty Space in the Package

Avoid excessive empty space in the package. Filling empty spaces with filling material can help prevent items from shifting during shipment, which can cause damage.

Inform the Type of Package to be Stickered

Inform the courier or shipping company about the type of items you are sending so that they can provide special handling if needed. Certain courier companies may have special procedures or labels for perishable goods.

Also, be sure to understand any international or national shipping requirements that apply to specific types of goods. Regulations and requirements may vary depending on the destination of the shipment and the type of goods you are shipping.

Transportation of perishable goods

Transportation for perishable goods requires special attention in order to maintain the quality and freshness of the goods during transit. Some transportation options commonly used for perishable goods involve special vehicles and facilities, such as:

Refrigerated Vehicles

  • Refrigerated Trucks: A truck with a refrigeration system that can keep the temperature within the required limits for perishable goods.
  • Refrigerated Containers: Specialized containers with refrigeration facilities for shipping goods on a larger scale, especially in the context of ocean shipping.

Specialized Cargo Flights

  • Some airlines provide special services to transport goods that require specific temperatures. Airplane cargo can be equipped with cooling facilities.

Trains with Refrigeration Facilities

  • For large-scale shipments, especially in some countries, trains with refrigeration facilities can be an efficient option.

Cargo Ship with Refrigerated Containers

  • For large international shipments, cargo ships with refrigeration facilities can be used. These specialized containers maintain temperature and humidity during sea travel.

Specialized Shipping Services

  • Some specialized companies may offer shipping services that focus on perishable goods. They can provide solutions that are more scalable and suited to the needs of such goods.

It is important to ensure that the entire supply chain and transportation process is organized in such a way that the temperature and environmental conditions can be maintained according to the requirements of the goods being shipped. In addition, monitoring and monitoring of temperature during transit is a common practice to ensure that goods remain in good condition.

Shipping perishable goods requires special attention to temperature and humidity factors. In this journey, TransTRACK’s Cold Storage comes as a reliable solution to ensure the freshness and quality of your perishable goods.

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Cold Storage benefits from TransTRACK:

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