Advantages and Applications of Using Less Container Load

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Less Container Load

Less Container Load (LCL) is a term in the world of freight forwarding that refers to a shipping method where the cargo of goods is not enough to fill an entire container. Instead, loads from several different shippers or receivers are collected and consolidated in a single container.

In this context, “less” means less than the full capacity of the container. The use of LCL allows multiple companies or individuals who do not have enough volume of goods to fill a full container to share the cost of shipping that container. This is a cost-efficient alternative for shippers who cannot fill a full container on their own.

The LCL shipping process involves consolidating loads from different sources at a consolidation facility, and then the loads are shipped in one container together. When the container arrives at the port of destination, the cargo is then unloaded and handed over to different consignees according to the purpose of each shipment.

LCL is often used in international trade where some small shippers or companies that do not have a large volume of goods to ship can utilize this service to optimize their shipping costs. Check out the full article with  TransTRACK!

Pros of LCL Shipping

The advantages of Less Container Load shipping involve several aspects, including:

Lower Cost

One of the main advantages of Less Container Load shipping is cost efficiency. With LCL, shippers do not have to pay the full cost of renting a single container if the volume of their goods is insufficient to fill the container. Shipping costs are shared between multiple shippers or receivers, making it more affordable for businesses or individuals with relatively small shipment volumes.

Suitable for Small Quantity Shipments

LCL shipping is perfect for shippers with insufficient shipment volume to fill a full container. Small businesses or individuals who do not have a large quantity of goods but still want to ship goods overseas can take advantage of LCL shipping to optimize the shipping process and reduce costs.

It is important to note that while there are advantages in terms of cost efficiency, LCL shipping can also have some challenges, such as shipping times that may be longer as it takes time to collect and consolidate loads from multiple shippers. Furthermore, the risk of damage or loss of goods may also be a consideration, as goods from various shippers are packed together in one container. Therefore, the choice between LCL and other shipping methods should be carefully considered according to the needs and desired shipping characteristics.

When is the right time to apply LCL shipping

The use of Less Container Load shipping can be the right choice in some specific situations. Here are some situations where LCL shipping can be a good option:

Small Shipment Volume

If the volume of goods to be shipped is insufficient to fill a full container, LCL shipping is an economical solution as the shipping costs can be shared between multiple shippers or receivers.

Irregular Frequency of Shipments

If a shipper sends goods with an irregular frequency or does not have the need to fill containers on a regular basis, LCL shipping can be more flexible and suit varied shipping needs.

Same or Similar Shipping Destinations

If multiple shippers or receivers have the same shipping destination or are located in relatively close proximity to each other, LCL shipping can be a more efficient option as containers can be consolidated more easily.

Avoiding the Full Cost of Containers

If a shipper wants to avoid the full cost of renting a container, especially if the shipment volume is insufficient to fill the container, LCL shipping can help reduce costs significantly.

Goods with Uncertain Demand

If there is uncertainty in the demand for a particular item, using LCL can provide flexibility as the shipper does not need to wait until it has enough volume to fill the container.

It is important to evaluate the overall needs and characteristics of the shipment before deciding if LCL shipping is the right choice. Take into account the cost, delivery time, and other factors that may affect the effectiveness of using this shipping method.

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