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Full Container Load

In this era of globalization, efficiency and reliability in the supply chain are key to business success. One of the crucial elements in managing international logistics is choosing a shipping method that suits the volume and needs of your goods. In this context, Full Container Load (FCL) has become the top choice for many companies that prioritize complete control, safety, and efficiency in the shipping process.

In this article TransTRACK, we will deeply unpack the advantages of FCL shipping, highlighting how the use of full containers can improve the reliability and efficiency of your freight shipments. From complete control over the load to the benefits of economies of scale, let’s explore why FCL is a highly valued option in the world of international logistics.

What is Full Container Load (FCL)?

Full Container Load (FCL) is a term used in the freight forwarding industry, particularly in ocean freight. FCL refers to a condition where a shipping container is completely filled with goods originating from a single shipper or consignee. In this context, “full container” means that the goods transported in the container are shipped by one party and destined for one party.

In other words, when a person or company ships a quantity of goods large enough to fill the entire capacity of a container, the shipment is referred to as a Full Container Load (FCL). In comparison, there is also Less than Container Load (LCL), where multiple shippers may use a single container to combine and ship a small number of items that are not enough to fill the entire container capacity.

The choice between FCL and LCL usually depends on the volume and quantity of goods to be shipped. FCL is often chosen when the quantity of goods is sufficient to fill an entire container, allowing the shipper or receiver to benefit from a lower cost per unit of volume compared to LCL.

Pros of FCL Shipping

The advantages of FCL (Full Container Load) shipping involve several aspects that allow the shipper or receiver to gain certain benefits from the use of full containers. Here are some of the advantages of FCL shipping:

A. Full Container Service

  • Full Control: The shipper has full control over the entire container, which means no mixture of goods from other shippers.
  • Security of Goods: With a full container, there is less risk of theft or manipulation of goods by third parties as the container remains sealed from start to destination.

B. Relatively Small Risk of Goods Damage

  • Limited Handling: Goods do not have to be moved or handled in multiple places during transit, reducing the risk of damage due to excessive manipulation.
  • Load Stability: In a full container, the load has better stability as there is no unwanted movement of goods during transportation.

C. Suitable for Large Quantity Delivery

  • Economy of Scale: FCL is often more economical when the quantity of goods being shipped is large enough to fill the entire container capacity.
  • Lower Cost Per Unit: Shipping costs per unit of volume or weight tend to be lower compared to LCL shipping, which can be advantageous for bulk shipments.

It is important to note that the choice between FCL and LCL depends on the specific needs and characteristics of the shipment. If the volume of goods is insufficient to fill an entire container, or if the shipper does not require full control over the entire container, LCL shipping may be a more suitable option.

When is the right time to implement FCL shipping

The decision to implement FCL (Full Container Load) shipping is usually influenced by a number of factors. Here are situations or conditions where FCL shipping may be the right choice:

Large Volume of Goods

FCL usually becomes more economical when the volume of goods to be shipped is sufficient to fill the entire container capacity. If you have a large quantity of goods and can fill one or more containers, FCL can be a more cost-effective option.

Full Control of the Cargo

If you need complete control over the cargo being shipped, FCL may be a better option. In FCL, the container will be filled entirely with goods from one shipper or consignee, reducing the risk of mixed goods from other shippers.

Security and Stability of Goods are Important

If the safety and stability of the goods during the journey is a major concern, FCL can provide an advantage as the container can be sealed from start to destination. The risk of damage and manipulation of goods may also be reduced due to more limited handling.

Large or Bulk Shipments

FCL is perfect for bulk shipments. If you have a lot of items to ship at one time, FCL can provide efficiency in logistics management and supply chain management.

Lower Shipping Cost Per Unit

If the shipping cost per unit volume or weight tends to be lower in an FCL scenario compared to LCL (Less than Container Load), then this can be a deciding factor for choosing FCL.

Ease of Logistics Monitoring and Management

If you want to ease logistics monitoring and management, FCL can give you the advantage of having the entire load come from one shipper or consignee, making container tracking and management easier.

Time Flexibility

If you need flexibility in timing the departure, FCL can provide a more flexible option as you can arrange the departure of the container according to your needs.

It is important to evaluate each situation individually and consider the specific needs of the freight shipment to determine if FCL shipping is the right choice.

In the conclusion of this article, we have explained the advantages of Full Container Load (FCL) shipping and how crucial it is to have complete control in logistics management. To take your shipping experience to the next level, we highly recommend implementing TransTRACK’s innovative Truck Appointment System (TAS).

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