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Fleet Management

Fleet Management System (FMS) is a form of fleet operations supervision management that not only oversees performance, but to increase work productivity and fleet maintenance. For more details about Fleet Management, let’s first learn about what Fleet Management is with TransTRACK!

What is Fleet Management?

Any organization that needs commercial vehicles to function, will usually engage in some form of fleet operations and  Fleet Management. The purpose of FMS is to oversee all fleet performance and fleet maintenance to increase productivity and help the business run as smoothly as possible.

Fleet Managers are responsible for fleet operations and may be tasked with responsibilities that include vehicle maintenance, overseeing fuel consumption and fuel costs, driver management, asset utilization, route planning, and implementing any programs that increase company productivity and reduce waste.

Corporate Fleet Managers often use vehicle telematics or FMS software, such as TransTRACK, to improve fleet efficiency and help reduce operational costs.

FMS for public fleets such as government and schools use vehicle telematics data to analyze fleet vehicles, vehicle locations, service delivery and coverage, driver behavior, public safety, routing, dispatch units, diagnostics and preventive maintenance so as to optimize the service to their communities.

Benefits of Fleet Management System

The benefits of FMS are numerous. Namely, effective FMS will result in fuel savings, increase productivity, improve customer service, and provide real-time visibility. For the explanation, we can understand it below:

  • Fleet Management provides real-time visibility – FMS software provides fleet managers with comprehensive historical data as well as real-time visibility into operations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to improve safety, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency.
  • Fleet Management reduces fuel costs – According to Verizon Connect, fuel accounts for nearly 40% of fleet ownership. GPS vehicle tracking solutions can be part of your fleet management strategy by reducing fuel costs by 20%-25%. This tracking solution tells you the idle time per vehicle and gives you the average idle time across your fleet. FMS will also empower us to monitor fleet performance, track how upgrades affect idle time, and help educate drivers on the need to reduce idle time.

GPS tracking solutions also reduce fuel by optimizing routes. Typically, companies that adopt these solutions reduce total mileage by 5%-10%. Plan more efficient routes with access to maps detailing the location and destination of each fleet vehicle. We can also access driver and vehicle information while monitoring traffic and weather. Best of all, you can improve efficiency by sending the closest vehicle to the destination via the fastest route to improve customer service.

  • Fleet Management improves productivity – Telematics solutions for Fleet Management also improve productivity. Powerful telematics software features increase productivity by helping you to measure maintenance, reduce idle time, reduce fleet, improve asset tracking and routing, monitor safety, and increase employee efficiency.

One of the best ways telematics solutions make fleets more productive is in tracking maintenance. Fleets are inoperable when vehicles are under unscheduled maintenance or breakdown, and telematics helps us be more proactive with preventive maintenance. We’ll know how many hours vehicles are running and get real-time data insights to optimize preventive maintenance schedules. We will also know exactly when to replace the vehicle.

  • Fleet Management improves customer satisfaction – You can use fleet vehicle management to improve customer satisfaction, especially with the help of GPS tracking solutions. These asset tracking solutions will help ensure driver adherence to routes and schedules to avoid missing or delaying deliveries or appointments. We can also improve customer satisfaction by knowing which vehicle is closest to the job to minimize travel time and get drivers to customers faster.

Fleet Management GPS tracking solutions also help companies make appointments with drivers on time. If you are dealing with new appointments or even canceled ones, you don’t have to lose productivity because of it. By using real-time location, you can send drivers to customers on time and serve more customer needs, despite unplanned schedule changes. You will also provide better driver ETAs to customers and avoid frustrating them with unclear or inaccurate driver information when we use GPS tracking solutions as part of our Fleet Management strategy.

Example of Fleet Management System Implementation

Before partnering with a FMS company, businesses with fleets would spend a lot of money on engine and electrical work.

Once a company starts working with a Fleet Manager, controls are put in place to ensure that all services are actually required, and all repair costs are placed under strict control. Preventive maintenance measures are also put in place on a recurring basis to proactively address vehicle issues. Here’s an example of implementing a FMS.

Trucking company

One easy example of fleet maintenance is a trucking company. Since cargo trucks often traverse many miles and a wide variety of climates, a solid maintenance structure is essential so that trucks don’t break down in the middle of the road let alone the middle of nowhere.

In trucking companies, the health of the truck is directly related to the profitability of the company; when a truck breaks down, it means deadlines are missed, making their customers unhappy and potentially jeopardizing their business.

Company vehicles

Another example is any organization that uses company vehicles for its employees. Transporting valuable employees in bugged vehicles is also a huge safety risk, so it is in the best interest of the company and its employees to have a comprehensive fleet maintenance program in place. Safety can also be a monetary issue, given that accidents can cost employees and their employers a huge amount.

Best Fleet Management System

To be able to enjoy the best Fleet Management System,  TransTRACK also provides solutions for all of us to use the TransTRACK FMS. This FMS on TransTRACK will offer fleet management and vehicle conditions for both logistics and transportation businesses, from order management and planning, to being able to combine with our TMS to carry out route optimization, operational calculations to the entry and exit of an item. All in one system with TransTRACK. Which, we can monitor driver behavior, improve fuel efficiency, manage vehicle usage, and improve fleet utility and safety.

You can also control things like voice monitoring, fuel monitoring, speeding, driver ID, start inhibit & double protect, temperature, SOS/panic call, and door status.

Through  TransTRACK, you can find many solutions regarding your vehicle. Not only FMS, you can also try other solutions such as Transportation Management System, Vehicle Maintenance System, Cargo Tracker, Mobile Phone Tracker, Vehicle Camera Solution, Truck Appointment System, and Integration to other systems. Let’s switch from fake fleet management to the Fleet Management System at TransTRACK!


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