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Container tracking is the process of tracking the movement and location of shipping containers in real-time during their journey through various transportation routes, such as ships, trains, trucks and planes. The main objective of container tracking is to provide goods owners, shippers, and consignees with better visibility regarding the status and location of containers throughout the entire supply chain.

Overall, container tracking is a critical component in the logistics and shipping industry, helping to improve transparency, risk management and operational efficiency in global supply chains. Follow this TransTRACK article for a full explanation!

The Role of Container Tracking in the Company

Some of the main benefits of using container tracking in a company’s operations are very profitable. The following is a further explanation of its role:

Ensuring Packages Arrive On Time

By using a container tracking system, companies can monitor container movements and monitor estimated arrival times. This allows the company to notify customers of more accurate estimated arrival times, reduces customer disappointment due to delays, and allows for better planning for consignees.

Increasing Employee Productivity

An efficient tracking system can help increase employee productivity. With real-time information about container movements, logistics teams can better plan and manage operations. It can also reduce time spent searching for or dealing with unforeseen shipping issues.

Cutting Operational Costs

With better visibility of container movements, companies can optimize shipping routes and avoid additional costs that may arise from delays or disruptions. Route and schedule optimization can help reduce fuel consumption and other operational costs.

Reducing Theft Risk

Sophisticated container tracking systems can help prevent theft and criminal acts of valuables. If there is a suspicious situation, the company can immediately take action and coordinate with the authorities to track and secure the threatened container.

Maintain Driver and Goods Safety

Container tracking also plays a role in maintaining driver safety and goods security. With accurate monitoring, companies can identify potential problems on the road, such as heavy traffic or bad weather conditions, and provide necessary information to drivers. Additionally, if the container contains dangerous goods, this information can be used to avoid potentially hazardous situations.

Implementing container tracking technology in a company’s operations can provide significant benefits, including efficiency, on-time adherence, cost savings and increased security.

How to Track Containers

Tracking shipping containers involves the use of technology and information systems that allow you to monitor the movement and location of containers in real-time. Here are some common ways to track containers:

Fleet Management System (FMS)

Many logistics and transportation companies use integrated fleet management systems. Through FMS, you can track container movements, manage delivery schedules, and monitor shipment status in real-time.

GPS and RFID sensors

Containers can be equipped with GPS or RFID sensors that allow you to accurately track the location and status of the container. GPS sensors transmit location data directly, while RFID technology can be used to read tags attached to containers when passing certain points.

Online Applications and Platforms

Many companies provide applications or online platforms that allow customers to track their containers. You can log in to your customer account and monitor the status and location of the containers in real-time.

Automatic Notifications

Some tracking systems can be configured to send you automatic notifications of changes in container status or location. These notifications can be text messages, emails, or notifications through apps.

Third Parties or Vendor Tracking Services

There are also third-party services that specialize in container tracking. You can subscribe to this service and get access to their platform to track your containers.

Cooperation with the Carrier

If you use a freight service, you can work with the carrier to get information about container movements. Many major carriers have internal tracking systems that can provide information to you.

It is important to communicate with your service provider or carrier to ensure that you have access to the right tracking systems and get the information you need. Each company or service provider may have a slightly different way of giving their customers access to container tracking.

In an era of globalization and supply chain complexity, the ability to accurately and efficiently track containers is becoming increasingly important. To meet this challenge, innovative solutions such as Hybrid GPS technology from TransTRACK provide the right answer.

By using Hybrid GPS technology, companies can experience countless benefits. Container locations are not only monitored in real-time, but also provide a high level of accuracy. This results in immediate gains in terms of operational efficiency and risk management.

However, the benefits of this technology do not stop there. Hybrid GPS from TransTRACK also provides opportunities to optimize delivery routes, reduce fuel costs and improve resource management. Better decision making and more accurate information help maintain quality service to customers, even in a dynamic and changing environment.

Equally important, the use of Hybrid GPS technology helps improve security, both for goods sent and for drivers. In an emergency situation, this system enables a quick response and better coordination with the authorities.

So, if you want to ensure that your business remains running efficiently and with high quality in a rapidly changing logistics environment, it’s time to turn to TransTRACK’s Hybrid GPS solution. Don’t let the opportunity to improve transparency, efficiency and security in your supply chain pass you by. Immediately find out how this technology can advance your business. Contact TransTRACK and get ready to step into a brighter logistics future!


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